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  1. ElectricSavant - My job is done.......... thanks to Riskarb

    and your wife did exactly the right thing - so go stick a cold compress on your bump!! :)
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  2. Mrs Goddess,

    If I ever need any options work done...riskarb is the resident expert. I do not understand half the posts he makes...its all greek to me :)

    Michael Bumb..uhh I mean Michael B.
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  3. No, you mean Michael Bump! And I will follow Riskarb's post with even more interest now you have identified him as a " resident expert " Riskarb - you have been warned............. :)
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  4. Chood


    Correct. But then again, isn't Electric always correct?
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  5. I would never admit to that :)

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  6. Frege


    I have using Saxo Bank for 4 years, and never had any problems. According to the Danish bank law your money is protected in all Danish banks up to 40.000 euro.
    #16     Dec 21, 2005
  7. Frege


    You don't have to call them - use the chat in Saxo Trader. You can speak to a trader 24 hours a day.
    #17     Dec 21, 2005
  8. Saxo is a bad joke. Their b/o is two guys sharing an abacus.
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  9. I cannot see why you'd want to give up Oanda. Want two accounts? Open another at Oanda. Or a sub account,. Whatever.
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  10. I need to diversify. Thats all...FXSolutions seems to be a good choice.

    I am so very pleased with Oanda, I just have a policy to split funds up in different brokerages, not that Oanda is insolvent or anything like that. It's just seems that anything can happen. The Refco debacle and all...

    I do silly things like get my original grubstake back and put it in the mattress and split my funds up between several brokerages....

    I have two Futures accounts.
    I have two Options trading accounts.
    and I will have two Retail Spot Forex Accounts.

    I do not trade equities, but if i did I would go prop...or do openings with mschey, to pull more mattress money out of the market...

    Michael B.

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