saxo web trader

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by wissam, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. wissam


    i just saw that if anybody is gonna try em out keep us posted looks kinda interesting and web based is always easy access and trading over wap is kinda cool but just curious
  2. lol, it is saxo we talking about here aren't we....
  3. wissam


    cool eagle eye theyr not my broker so i wouldnt know if theyr good or bad and i already know theres a thread about saxo and people complaining about theyr services but that wasnt my question im just asking if anybody is trying them out and would like to hear feedback
  4. Bob111


    sux-o-bank :D
  5. lol :D
  6. james_r


    Pretty awkward platform, you have to press that ‘one click’ execution button all the time, enter trade, as if it can’t be specified in the ‘Settings’

    Hope the software developers from Saxo read this.:)
  7. Chood


    Maybe, while they're at it, they can fix the "price was never there" feature of the SaxoTrader. That's the one that cost me.