Saxo under probe in Denmark ?

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  1. I have heard about the experience of some traders there but have you heard lately about a probe by the Danish authorities over questionable practices at Saxo ? Apparently there was a lot bad press coverage in Denmark on what was going on at Saxo bank, this followed scathing accusations by a Portugese money manager, a former exec at SAXO then dished a lot of dirt on their market making activities in FX and CFD's and the government got involved . Oddly I have not seen any thread on the subject on ET .
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    This was reported late April:

    It ends with (from Google Translate):

    Banking and Finance take a closer look
    Co says FSA Director Press releases to Børsen that oversight has now launched a broader study to identify conditions in Saxo Bank.

    It is based on the last weeks massive criticism by Saxo Bank in the media.
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    Dang. I thought Saxo is one of the top n trusted broker in the industry. Shame.

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    I just read the danish article. A few interesting bits of information

    1. The Portuguese financial institution 'fortune' has filed a complaints with the danish police.

    2. Saxo is being investigated by the regulator ('Finanstilsynet') according to the CEO/director of the regulator

    3. Fortune has asked to have Saxo's banking license suspended.
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    It goes ro prove rhat all FX spot trading is just a scam.....All brokers are bucket shops
  6. I read on one forum that the articles say Saxo had a dedicated team going to great lengths to find ways to beat customers and take their money. I didn't read the original articles though , can anyone confirm this story ?
  7. Blah blah blah, you talk trash. Ive been with MB Trading(which by the way is ECN) for almost 3 yrs and never have had a problem. AND, they are top rated by Barrons. Not all FX brokers are bucketshops, get your facts straight before you say something without merit.
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    How much does MB pay you to say that?! You must love SHILLING for them.......Enjoy it while it lasts
  9. I tested Saxo's platform a year ago and a lot of things didn't look right. I got the feeling that they are a bucketshop in spite of their fancy website and smooth marketing.
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    Smooth and slick marketing from any company usually means they're always going to get the better end of the deal. This is espeically the case when they're trying to sell a 'dream'.
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