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    No Growth in China and Other Outrageous Prophecies
    Friday, December 19, 2008
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    This year has been marked by astonishing and market-changing events including a $100 fall in the price of oil, the drop to zero of U.S. interest rates and the collapse of Wall Street giants such as Lehman Brothers.

    Next year could bring more, equally unbelievable, happenings such as another 400 points being wiped off the S&P 500 and a slump in Chinese growth to zero, according to a report from Saxo Bank titled "10 Outrageous Claims 2009."

    1. Iranian Revolution

    If oil prices continue to decline, which Saxo Bank believes they will, the Iranian society will be badly affected due to the country's reliance on its number one commodity. The government may not be able to provide the basic necessities its citizens need, which would lead to widespread social unrest, according to Saxo Bank.

    2. Crude Oil to $25

    The ongoing economic crisis will further dent oil demand throughout next year, sending the price ever closer to $25 a barrel, Saxo Bank said. OPEC production cuts will be hampered by disagreement and fail to stem the slide, it added.

    3. S&P 500 to 500

    The S&P 500 will fall to 500 points in 2009 as slowing corporate earnings will drag on the U.S. index, according to Saxo Bank. Earnings will slow because of a continued consumer recession, lead by the credit shortage. An increase in corporate funding costs, falls in house prices and a slowdown in investing programs will also add to the weakness, the report said.

    4. Italy Could Drop the Euro

    Italy could make good on threats to leave the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) and may drop out in 2009, Saxo Bank said, a decision which would mean the country effectively gives up the euro. The EU is likely to crack down on excessive government budget deficits, which could prompt Italy to leave the currency regulation, it said.

    5. Australian Dollar to Slump vs Yen

    The Australian dollar will sink to 40 Japanese yen as next year's continued slump in commodities hurts the Australian economy, Saxo Bank said. The whole commodity complex will be left dead in the water for the next ten years, the report said.

    6. Dollar to Outstrip the Euro

    The euro will fall to 0.95 cents versus the dollar in the New Year, before shifting direction and rising to 1.30 cents, according to Saxo Bank. The euro-zone will face a tough year in 2009 as the banking sector will suffer because of its exposure to Eastern Europe, a region that will increasingly falter next year, the report said.

    7. Chinese GDP Growth to 0%

    Export-led China will be hit by the double blow of a slowing U.S. economy and the souring of commodity-based investments, according to Saxo Bank. Japan will not actually sink into recession, despite gross-domestic-product growth all but disappearing, the report said.

    8. Eastern European Forex Pegs to Fail

    Several of the Eastern European currencies currently pegged or semi-pegged to the euro will come under increasing pressure to decouple next year, the report said. The emerging economies are vulnerable to more credit-market disruptions, it added.

    9. Commodities Prices to Plunge

    Commodities are facing widespread weakness next year with the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index to drop 30 percent, according to Saxo Bank. The consensus belief that demand has been outstripping supply for years might not even be true and more stockpiles could be revealed, the report said.

    10. Yen to Become Currency Peg

    Asian countries could shun dollar pegs in favor of the Chinese yen next year, according to Saxo Bank. China's economic, political and cultural influence is growing and shifts in market re-evaluations will favor the country, the report added.
  2. 11. Saxo Bank to go bust.

    Well that IS the rumour...
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    I wonder what a Chinese yen is worth.
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    How could you trust the guy who doesn't know yen from yuan.
  5. I thought the same thing......what credibility does a report have that can't even spell "yuan" correctly?
  6. According to report on CNBC Europe, "4 out of 10" of Saxo's 2008 Outrageous Predictions were correct...
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    predictions like this are as credible as anyone in the street.

  8. Is there really a rumor that Saxo Bank is going bust? Details, please.
  9. I do think half of these are likely to come true. I lean on 1,3,4,5,6,7.

    Not sure about 2 and 9 as the mid-east looks like it may get lit up and have more widespread implications thus creating some commodity demand from war.
  10. If I got 4 out of 10"predictions" at work correct, I'd be fired.
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