Saw on CNBC that SEC will require 25K to go long or short options

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  1. They are going to add a minimum capital requirement of 25K to trade equity options and futures.(initiating a long or short position one or more contracts)

    According to SEC, Option/futures trading is too risky for people with limited experience and capital. So they will be restricting option/futures trading in 2014 to anyone without a minimum of 25,000 dollars of trading capital.
  2. where did you read that? ... seems like after making mini options and such it wasn't a worry in the industry
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  4. It was on CNBC but how would that impact Mini options if they have a 25K requirement? They will still trade.
  5. lol, you do realize futures trading does not fall under sec jurisdiction right? :p
  6. ahhhh hahaaa .. first time i was gotton today!
  7. I've been watching CNBC all morning and don't know wtf this troll is referring to. It would injurious to the small investor as they're by definition less diversified and benefit greatly in the ability to hedge/collar their portfolio.

    PDT is worse as the small stock/option trader will avoid taking a loss intraday and will attempt to hold to avoid triggering PDT.

    And last, as has been stated, the SEC has no say in futures.
  8. 4/1 365 here @ et
  9. Not in 2014, CFTC and SEC will now just be one entity "SEC" in order to eliminate positions and duplication of efforts due to budgetary issues. All this was on the CNBC broadcast. I wonder if its on youtube yet.
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