saw Mark cuban charged with insider trading

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. lol. shocking.

    I blame it on anti Cuban sentiment.
  2. Joab


    Link please

    Mark Cuban is a punk
  3. 377OHMS


    WSJ has a breaking news thingie on their home page, there isn't a direct link to an article yet.

    Yep, its gonna be fun to see Mark behind bars. Poetic justice.
  4. clacy


    I'm no fan of Cuban so I guess I'm not too upset about this. That guy is the epitome of the word jackass.
  5. Absolutely not!!! Do not show an ounce of support for this prick that is promoting a transaction tax while calling all traders stupid. He's not a trader, puhlllleeasse
  6. gaj


    if he did insider trading, he should not be supported.

    i don't like the transaction tax suggestion either.
  7. No proof you clowns.

    They are investigating. What is wrong with you idiots.

    Obama fans? Investigation means nothing.
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