Savings rate falls to 0%

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Trend Fader, Aug 2, 2005.

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    Zero savings rate? Woo hooo, new highs on the way.

  2. There is no incentive to save when money is so damn cheap.
  3. Just wait until the housing markets start to cave in.. and US will be at negative savings rate.. lol
  4. my friends in laguna niguel who have made 600k on their home and spent it keeping up with the jonses and their new ford excursions every year will be in big trouble

    whats even more funny is some people in so. cal have sold their home for say 1.3m to take cash out buying 900k home are gettin a much higher tax base because the first home they paid 400k for
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    There was a thread in Econ about mobile homes that were selling for over a million.
  6. americans better start learning mandarin; the chinese will be their new masters.
  7. Yup! What a shame.

  8. I hear a lot of the rich folk already are (or at least they're making their children do it.)
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