Saving Layouts Matrox G200 MMS Quad

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Trek, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Trek


    Are there any setting that you had to adjust in Powerdesk? If so how did you accomplish this?
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  2. lescor


    No, like I said it worked fine from day one. It could be an issue with the software you are trying to save the layout in.
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  3. Hey D-

    Sounds like it might be an issue inherent to certain systems.
    I hear this sometimes from other users.
    I actually had the G200mms running 4 cRTs then switched to
    4 Flat LCDs and both times it was running on a custom built
    system with Windows mE as the O/S. However, never a problem
    with rebooting and screen clutter or loss of settings.

    I've since switched to Windows XP pRO with No problems.

    Latest drivers on a clean O/S and you should be golden.

    However, if not after that it could very well be an internal
    conflict or a issue specific to that very card.

    G200mms quads are pretty solid cards, otherwise they wouldn't
    be in so many trading rooms around the Globe.

    Like another poster suggested call Matrox. They are pretty good about their Tech Support. I believe I still have the number to a Tech person there. She was the best. Completely 1st class, with
    even a call back a week or so later to followup!

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  4. nitro



    I have never had this problem either [I have had others]

    I have a G200QUAD MMMS and a G550 dual DVI in the same computer running 6 monitors. I use Win2K and I have PowerDesk installed. I run TS6 over 4 monitors and IB on the fifth.

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  5. I found it differs with the software applications. For example, if I used screen 1 as my primary it would not work. When I used Screen 3 as my primary it did save.

    Go figure.

    Is there a reward if this works?

    The real question is, Why are you using Redi anyway?
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  6. stevet


    Matrox help has about the best support for anything i have ever come across

    Any problems i have ever had ( i use a mix of 450s and old 100s - a true set up nightmare - but fine once u get the drivers installed - and i have had up to 10 monitors running) has been to do with the software that was running and issues of the primary monitor chosen for that software - and i have used ME and W2000
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  7. bosstin


    les, it could be that you are using only 1 instance of qcharts stretched over multiple monitors. The problem on my G550s for me comes about cos I run 2 instances of qcharts on 2 monitors and during startup, they both open up on the secondary monitor
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  8. WIN200K driving FOUR Matrox 450's without any problems. All apps recall their proper places. These are nice cards imo.
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  9. Thanks for the post about Matrox. Do you have their tech support phone # or is it the same one that would be on their website?? If not, can you give me that #?

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  10. exe


    bosstin, how did you run 2 instances of qchart running on one machine?

    I have 2 G200MMS running 5 screens on XPPro, things open and close as they should. If you think the G200 is crap, try another brand. There's only 2 other alternative. I tried Appian Rushmore, which is crap with crap drivers.

    If you need that toolbar to run across all monitors, look into They have a handy multi mon utility that does this stuff and more.
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