Saving Layouts Matrox G200 MMS Quad

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Trek, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Trek


    I would like to know if anyone that uses the Matrox G200MMS Quad card is able to save their workspace(Layout) over all four screens within the application. Then when you close and open it again, does it stay on all four screens or do all the windows gather on your primary monitor?

    I have Win2000Pro with the lastest drivers for the card and I'm using RediPlus. All of my windows gather onto one screen. Off course I would like them to be on all four screens. I have been in contact with Matrox tech support and the response I got was there is nothing that can be done. I find this hard to believe since this card was espicially designed for traders and is sold to major financial institutions.

    Do anyone have any suggestions or can you refer me to another card that will be able to perform this function.

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  3. Jesus...I guess this is a common problem with this piece of shit card. I have 7 monitors on 2 of these cards...and there are few bugs I have not been able to fix. One is, I can save the layout but when I bring it back on, 2 of my monitors are shirted to the right by about 2 inches. So I have move all of the windows every freakin' morning. Second, my tak bar only shows on the bottom of my main monitor - not all the way across like it used to...(this may be a Win2000 issue). There are other minor issues...but they are annoying as hell. I have not been able to find a fix either.
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    Post your video card problems on the support forum, they are quick to respond and help.


    I provided you with a link for a fix on the "My task bar only shows on the bottom of my main monitor - not all the way across like it used to...", you need a file from them.

  5. lescor


    I have a g200 and a g450 card running 4 monitors. I use qcharts for my charting and have my workspace stretched out over all 4 monitors. I've never had a problem saving and reopening it. It always goes back to the way it was when I closed it.

    Didn't do anything special, it's just always worked.
  6. do you have the SOFTWARE installed that came with your card --"Matrox QuickDesk"?
  7. gnome


    Suggest you at least try their website for most current drivers first.
    Sounds like the kinds of problems I've had when trying to run on older drivers.
  8. Trek


    Are you running NT 4.0 or Win2000 Pro.? Because apparently NT will see multiple monitors as one screen and Win2000 will see each one separately.

  9. Trek


    Yes I do have the lastest version of drivers just download them and my PowerDesk version is 6.85.023
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    Win2k, which allows you to stretch your desktop across several monitors. The matrox software, Powerdesk, just makes it easier.
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