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  1. I am trying to save IB monthly statements. I opened the statement and went to file and save as- gave a name to the file and clicked ok.

    In my folder I see the file name but that file remains blank.

    I am probably doing something wrong but I cant figure it out .

    Yeasreday Feb 2006 was there but today the earliest month is March 2006. So it seems IB will only give a set no of statements as pst months.

    Help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Strange problem - make certain not to erase the file extension (e.g. .html, .xls, etc) when you rename the file and do "Save As".
  3. Is it because IB no longer generates html reports, it now does it through some server side process called .DisplayProcessedReport,
    IB should have a save report button
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    I print the reports to PDF. Works well
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    I save daily reports at spreadsheets. Just do "Save as" and give it a '.xls' extension. So far, I have been able to download monthly reports as spreadsheets with no reformatting.
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    I have been trying to get past the same thing with IB. At the statement downlad page there are 2 optional formats to save your statement HTML and PDF. The file saves and it appears in the correct folder but when selected nothing shows in IE7, Excel, Word, Notepad, etc
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    You gtta' go to the activity download submenu. It is there formats can be selected for your specific needs like Excel, Word, Quicken, .....
  8. i could not download my daily statements with Internet Explorer but it worked with Firefox but i still don't know where the PDF files can be found
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    when attempting to download an account statement, the first menu that shows up is for the html or pdf format whichever you choose. But if you want to place your statement in another format for further review or third party software, the activity download is the one that shows all the different formats available. I figured this out from watching the webinar on statements.
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    When you log into Account Management and click on 'Report Management', the first two options listed are:
    - Activity Statements
    - Activity Downloads

    If you select 'Activity Downloads' you can still (as of yesterday) download monthly statements in multiple formats. Downloading of daily statements quit working a few weeks ago, however.

    If you select 'Activity Statements' and display a statement, that statement is actually rendered in XML, and you can save it for later viewing in a browser, Word, or Excel. For some reason, I have not been able to save a statement using Internet Explorer, but Firefox works fine.

    If you want to save your statement in PDF format, probably the quickest and easiest way is to first display it (via 'Activity Statements'), then print to a PDF driver such as CutePDF (available for free at various shareware sites).
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