Saving for retirement or suicide?

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  1. Wife and I were having a discussion about saving for retirement. I told her it is not possible to save enough to live off unless you are already wealthy with inflation and such. She asked what we will do.

    I told her I would freely "off" myself nearing the 20 year mark on my fat term life insurance policies so she and the kids could live the rest of their days comfortably and stress free. I was only half kidding. The more I think about it the more I lean that way.

    They get to live and love life with no monetary concerns. I get to die with dignity prior to becoming a fruitcake.

    Nuts or genius?
  2. A full and rewarding life requires that one accepts a certain amount of discomfort from time to time. Live within your means and manage your debt. Teaching your children to do the same is a greater gift than a big check. Disagree? Best to check the suicide clause in the policy.:eek:
  3. Maybe. But do we not need to make sacrifices(maybe the ultimate one) to help the family move ahead thru hard times? It makes all the sense to teach them to save and invest. And certainly the kids wouldnt know what really happened. I would leave one day and they get a call up at school that Dad had a hangglider accident...

    Suicide clause expired after first 2 years, I checked. :D

  4. TrueRange,

    Interesting thread, I love cognitive discussions that require introspection and the traversing of ethical and moral gray areas. So I will offer my .02.

    I say its a good risk/reward. I'm sure others will disagree but if its done later near the end of the term policy, then the ones I have seen cover suicide. There is a saying about only the good die young. I do also see your point about death with dignity and choice of such.

    Personally, I think as long as its a choice you can live with, no pun intended, then it seems rationale from a purely monetary risk/reward senario.

    1. You have embraced the risk, in volunteering to die.
    2. You have accepted and somewhat mitigated the mental impact of the risk.
    3. You have also calculated your reward for what ever reason to be more than you perceive you are capable of producing in your lifetime.

    A lot could be learned about trading from your proposed mental machinations. Best of luck in your ultimate decision.

    P.S. Have your last will and testament allow your wife, or automatically set up a trust with allocation rules so that they can't blow it all after your sacrificial gesture.
  5. great idea. let us know how it works out.
  6. Had a buddy in high school whose father was an insurance executive. He decided the risk was worth the reward and offed himself. The family got paid well and grieved very hard. So hard that after awhile the mother never set foot outside the house. The two kids were never the same. One had a football scholarship to Baylor University. Both got heavy into hard drugs and lost their way. One lost a leg in a sand rail accident. And they scraped the other off the pavement after he wiped out on his new Ninja 600 doing wheelies.

    Think long and hard about what you leave behind.

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    stage your demise, indian used to produce a burned beyond recorgnization body with indian doctor authentication for good measure but I digress then move to Mexico enjoy your 'retirement'.
  8. I cannot think of anything postive in this thought, obviously the money but the money has value to you, the money may not have or be of any value to the beneficiaries.
  9. Thanks to certain persons you will be living in a totalitarian nightmare very soon now where EVERY aspect of your finances is State controlled. Haiti was always the place to escape but they tightened that up.There are other poor countries in the World though.A Canoeist (dont know if he could swim or not) almost got away with it here in Britain recently,until he let himself be photographed together with his 'surviving' wife for the local newspaper in Costa Rica.