Saving Darfur

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  1. GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations chief Kofi Annan demanded on Tuesday that the world body's human rights watchdog, meeting in special session on Sudan's Darfur, send a clear message that the "nightmare" of violence there had to stop.

    Message to the rest of the world:
    We're kinda' busy trying to save Muslims from themselves. Feel free to step up and take this one for us. China, Russia, Europe...anybody? Just as I thought.
    We're expected to save the world, we get to make the rules. Deal with it!
  2. where are we saving the muslims from themselves? in iraq, where we removed their government and left the country lawless? we made the mess and now we have to clean it up. i don't know how that constitutes "saving the world".
  3. Sorry Kofi, Africa is a waste of time and energy. All we need is another tribal mess to clean up...
  4. Yes, we removed their government, which was a gift to them. While not the original intent, the overthrow could have been a path to a new dawn in Iraq. All they had to do was play along. Instead, being the medieval savages that they have proven themselves to be, they choose to slaughter each other.
    What does the rest of the world do? Shout cat calls from the cheap seats. I'd like to see someone besides the U.S. get in the game and take some of the hits.
    The message is simple. If you're not going to lead, and refuse to follow, at least have the decency to get out of the fucking way.
  5. Segue to the moonbats' clarion call: We won't intervene in Darfur because there's no oil.
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    Wasn't Kofi Annan the UN chief the past several years? Why didn't HE help clean up the shit in Darfur during his tenure? Now that his term's ending, he's trying to shift the responsibility to the incoming chief.
    What a waste of US taxpayers' money feeding this buffoon.
  7. Saving darfur, from what?

    No "peacekeeper" force could possibly help, that was established many times over.
    Food? Who ends up with all the food? Militant groups? Brilliant. I mentioned this a loooong time ago, but north africa was the real target of the al queada, and guess what -still is. Attack the weakest links, consolidate forces and allies, that is north africa.
    Islamic north africa.

    While every one is looking elsewhere, hit em where they cant hit you;
    all the places dubya refused to look, and passed the parcel to the united nations, knowing full well wahabi arab muhajideen are more active in africa than any other nation.
  8. that is some gift we gave the people of iraq. it was a gift that they did not ask for and a gift a majority of iraqis would return if possible.

    so why did we give the iraqis a gift? why not any other country? did it ever occur to you that all our gifts comes with strings attached?

    and all their "medieval savagery" is the result of a civil war over control of the government. we fought our own civil war over the right to own slaves. you cant judge their civil war any more savage than ours.
  9. There is no civil war. They are having tribal wars now, just like they have for hundreds of years. But that is not the point of my OP.
    The point is, if you're an American you get to have and opinion and you have a reasonable expectation of having that opinion given serious consideration. Why? Because you have skin in the game, that's why. It's our tax dollars being spent and our people fighting and dieing trying to referee these savages. It's our money and our people that deliver 99.9999% of the humanitarian aid around the world.
    Just once, anywhere in the world, at anytime, for any reason, I'd like to see someone else do the heavy lifting. Darfur is just one example. Just once let the EU spend the 50 billion while we spend the 5 million. Just once the Russians send the thousands of aid workers while we send 10.
    As human beings all of us, American or not, are entitled to an opinion. What the rest of you don't have is that reasonable expectation of being taken seriously. Get some real skin in the game and we can have a serious discussion. Until then, you're just noise.
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    replace "oil" with "strategic interests" and they'd be correct.

    Black Hawk Down is a case and point against our involvment in Darfur. The liberated turned on the liberators. Who the hell needs more of that.
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