Saving charts

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Sarasota, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. William


    When I take a screen shot - that button right to F12 - where does it save the picture?
    #11     Aug 31, 2002
  2. Atlantic


    you can save it with ms paint (only press ctrl + v) - that's how i do it.
    #12     Aug 31, 2002
  3. edil


    I use Alt printscreen. This dumps only the active window to the clipboard, not the entire desktop. Then as gerry does, I paste it into MSPaint and save it from there.
    #13     Aug 31, 2002
  4. All I do is go to, then I use Javacharts to get the chart I want. If you go to "print chart", it'll give you an image that you can save as a .gif file without printing.
    #14     Aug 31, 2002
  5. Where is the print feature in the java charts section? I cant seem to locate it. Thanks :) Carol
    #15     Sep 18, 2002