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    I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about them? had any previous experience with them etc....

  2. There are several threads about them on, Companies House recently issued a first gazette to strike them off but this has since been withdrawn, dont know the full story but doesnt look good.
  3. I paid 3.5k for the course and their training was extremely poor could have learnt 95% of what they taught me out of a book. They teach you basic technical analysis thats it.
  4. They also tried to say that their other company, Savi Asset Management, was some massive hedge fund type business. According to Companies House it's a dormant company meaning it has no business activities. Obviously these guys are telling all sorts of stories to get money off people.

  5. Do you have a link to trade2win regarding this ?
  6. Google Savi Trading and it will be hit number 2 or 3. There are two or more threads there about them.
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    Although I am not familiar with this company I thought it only fair to relay a message sent to me from one of the principals of the firm:

    "We have never advertised Savi Asset Management publicly. This was a private internal venture and discussion between management and staff and continues to be a dormant company until further notice. In this post it suggests that our company has attempted to market the hedge fund to individuals when this has never been the case. This in fact is illegal when the entity is not actually FSA registered and implies that our company has been illegally marketing Savi Asset Management. Other than an article written by FX Week, there is no formal marketing of Savi Asset Management."
  8. Here is what they themselves said about the Savi Asset Management, they clearly state that it exists, that it has the necessary authorisation and that trainees may be employed by it if they are successful. Not exactly the truth is it?

    We place a huge amount of importance on our training, as we want the trader to be as profitable as possible, as then both parties succeed. The training is important in the long run as we are looking to develop each trader with the view that if they prove themselves and demonstrate consistency then there is the possibility that they will be employed by Savi Asset Management. Savi Asset Management (SAM) is a firm that specialises in managing capital for wealthy individuals as well as institutions, which is a regulated activity and as such it has the necessary authorisation. SAM recruits the most consistent revenue generating traders from Savi Trading, and provides them with a platform where they can (after becoming authorised) trade institutional size. The recruits are only sourced through Savi Trading as that way, we can provide a track record to SAM and an assessment of their skill having worked with the traders over a considerable length of time.
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  10. More like 'DOH'
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