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  1. Imagine you have been invited as an expert guest in a program called "Save The Nation" (moderated by yours truly), and the anchor (me) asks you what you think the President, The House and The Senate should do and say before the futures open on Sunday, and before the deadline of August 2nd?

    What would be your answer?
  2. US President, Administration, The House, The Senate and Judiciary have failed to lead America.
    They should cut 50% of their salaries and other entitlements.
  3. Why should they say anything? Voters have given their decision - they like big deficits - we're in run what ya brung mode until it blows up.
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    Cut military spending significantly. Change our policy to one closer to isolationism.
    Reform the education system from a general education to a professional oriented education.
    Reform the AMA. Start a trade school(s) for producing doctors in high school and even extending to elementary school. This will decrease inflation on that front immediately by increasing supply.
    Hold corporations to the same tax laws that citizens have to abide by, i.e stop all the tax shelters in Ireland. At same time, end the double taxation rule.
    Recognize that capitalism is no longer working for large groups of people as defined by the efficiency ratio. The efficiency ratio should guide everything. It might make sense to reduce the work week in either case as consumerism by itself may not be producing the most value. I've asked myself and thought a lot about it: What does the guy making big bucks at a bank have in common with the guy working at McD? In every case, they gotta go to work every day. Value is defined by time, money, and purpose. If we can't increase money side then we can increase value side by increasing our free time.

    Make a strong push for a robotics drive. Start to be honest with the people about how declining population growth factors are driving things.

  5. Are you clowns serious? Do you live in reality or in a dream state?

    If you really think that the S&P rating is worth two shits you'r a fucking fool.

    The US has already been downgraded, by countries like Japan, China, Brazil and many others who have been dumping our bonds. So regardless of what Happens at the 25th's to fucking late.

    Second, Fiat currency as in the dollar is collapsing. Look around you fools. I'm not sure what half you nit witz do for a living but it isn't rocket science to see the inflation from Wheat to Gas. In fact, 8 to 9 buck a gallon gas is coming to a town near you very soon.

    Of course, the idiots and pundits will call Inflation, "Commodities bubble". What a crock of disinformation to try and calm the sheepole.l

    This country is beyond fucked. It will come down to individual states and their economies as well as individual towns and their local economies.

    If you live in the Midwest, East Coast and southern Left Coast, your FUCKED. More layoffs are coming as well as higher taxation, from a muni level to City level to state level. Hell, the CME wants to move out of IL.

    Pull your heads outa your arses and wake up. Nothing DC does will solve the problem. We need at least 4 years of a hard core, in your face depression and let the economy find it's natural bottom. That wil never happen as 90% of the American people will holler for GOV AID.

    So FUCK AMERIKA and the National Pride bullshit. You better focus on your local arena, you better help your neighbor and try and prepare. The shit storm is coming this Fall, regardless of what happens with the Debt negotiations. AMERICA HAS ALREADY BEEN DOWN GRADED FOOLS@!
  6. ok emrglobal, no more 5 hour energy drinks for you, your going decaf from here on out.
    The entitlement class aka non profits is worth 2 trillion, if you have the funds to pay your money managers 30 plus million then you need to be taxed, if you can afford to pay football coaches 6 million, then your no longer (non profit), this group wants all the govt resources but doesnt want to pay for its upkeep, like the courts, fire, police, etc.
    The next class of wealth currently untaxed is the underground which is around 1 trillion pr yr, time to legalize them, the nanny state is over, let the free markets rule.
    There you have 3 trillion in wealth currently untaxed, you dont need to even have a financial transaction tax on derivitives or anything, just tax that which isnt taxed.
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    I would respectfully decline the invitation :cool: but thanks for the invite anyway :p
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    Every man for himself. All the state worshipping fools in USA will soon get a hard lesson in reality.
  9. Yeah, we're in a fiscal calamity because of "courts, fire, police".

    Look at what's under the hood of that "etc.". There's your problem.

    I love how you people who want to tax everything that moves pretend like we are debating the side of the local police force and fire department. That's so NOT what the conversation is about it isn't even funny.
  10. ok logic man, what cha want to give up? You want to give up Washington bailing out wall street where a great deal of your worth is stored? You want to give up your tax subsidies on your housing where a great deal of your wealth is stored? You want to give up the ability of tax cuts to stimulate the business climate where you draw your wealth from?
    You expect foreign nations to have to defend themselves? We transfer trillions out of America every decade to defend foreigners so our business community can feel safe in their investments overseas. You see the Republicans have a excellent point about government dependency, and our allies are quite dependent on us. UK uses some of their weapon inventories and calls it quits in libya, leaving it to the good ol usa. Quit nato then. Only 4 members of Nato even meet the 2% requirement. You willing to give up defending taiwan, japan, south korea? Theres another $104 billion pr yr savings, it cost $15 bil pr yr just for fuel cost for our military.
    Hey the govt gets $2.2 trillion pr yr in income, were spending $717 bil this yr on the military, so there is a third of our total alloted money, then $40 billion for homeland security, then cia $80 billion, $40 billion for war on drugs, batf, dea, fbi and other alphabet soup agencies. Well now were at a trillion, so 50% of our total intake going to defend our nations interest whether internally or externally.
    Now you are left with 1.2 trillion to take care of the usa and its citizens interest. so just divvy up the rest and were all good.
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