Save the COT report.

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  1. Urgent News
    The CFTC May End COT Reports!

    Valuable Trading Information


    We may lose the Commitment Of Traders Report forever!
    Unless we let the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) know how important the COT Report is to traders.

    Every trader knows the importance of information. Don’t let them take this valuable information away from you.

    The COT Report is the only report that tells you where the commercial traders are putting the BIG money into the market. It lets you see where commercial investors believe the best opportunities are in relation to where the smaller investors are putting their money. It gives you a distinct advantage in trading the U.S. markets.

    This report is the bread and butter for many professional traders. Even if you don’t use the COT Report now, you may wish you could have this information in the future. Help to make sure that this information stays available now and in the future.

    The CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) has indicated that they may stop publishing the all important Commitment of Trader Report, pending input from the public.

    To save the COT Report they need to hear from you by no later than August 20, 2006.

    If you would like to respond to the CFTC about the planned demise of the COT Report, simply click one of the links below.

    Click here to edit and send your e-mail message.

    Genesis has tried to make responding easy for you, with the option of
    e-mail responses and regular mail responses.
    We all know that regular mail can be more effective than e-mail.
    If you choose this option Genesis will print and post this letter for you at no cost to you.

    Be sure to include your name and address for regular mail or Genesis will not be able to send your message.

    Click here to edit and send your e-mail plus regular mail message through Genesis.

    Traders....time to take action. The big boys don't want you to know what their doing, so they can continue to screw over the little guy. Let's unite to save the COT report. Click on the link below, send an email and let the CFTC know how we feel about this.
  2. The COT report is very useful, one only needs to take enough time to study and learn how to use the information.

    The press release says that they are going to make changes, and are asking for public comment, as small traders this is our chance to stand up and be heard. If you don't currently use the information, you might want to use it down the road, wouldn't you rather have the information at your disposal, then not?
  3. Aok


    Cot used to be weekly. Now I think its biweekly. As far as its utility, if you know how to read it, and apply it to an appropiate time frame, ie weekly at least, it is very prophetic. Please note it does not call the time frame or the magnitude but 80% of the time I would say there is a move from the extremes in the pros/public.

    I think Genesis software(not the broker) is still the only people who supply this indicator. There was also a charting company whose name escapes me. Use Cot with Larry Williams pinch/paunch technique = not bad.

    If you have never seen this graphically, its quite fascinating.

    Thanks for the link mschey. I hit up for my support even though I dont use Cot anymore. Transparency is always a good thing.

  4. mmillar


    The COT report is produced as a plain text file so any charting software that can import text data can use COT. I use COT data within TradeStation.
  5. Hey, man, you show me how to use the COT and I'll get all my homeys to apply a little pressure on those folks over at the CFTC to keep the juice flowing.:cool:
  6. You keep the juice flowing....and then I'll share with you some ways I find it useful. :cool:
  7. Aok


    If I can find some of my old charts and scan em, I'd be glad to show the use of them.

    I think I still have Genesis/Cot on one of my ancient computers. I will try and post.
  8. Bump! Come on guys....take some action, click on the link, send an email and let's maintain market transparency.
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