Save place to trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by greatfire, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Where would you recommend as a good place to trade online. Not as far as features go, but one that will still be around in a year or so, and will not go bankrupt, and lay claim to my funds.

    I'm with E*Trade right now, and I'm not certain (at all) what they are going to report in a few weeks.

    I'm really edgy.

    Where do I put my trading/saving money?
  2. With the market down like 1800 this week alone, this E*Trade company seems as though they are going to be in deep sh*t.

    Where is the best place to trade and hold my money. What trading company will be afloat for the next few years.

    I really don't want E*Trade to go bankrupt, and take my funds with them.

  4. I second that ... IB.
  5. pkts


    You don't want to lose your money? Really? :)

    I like TDAmeritrade and Interactive Brokers.

    Good luck!