Save data feed to hard-drive??

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by shortorlong, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. What software / feed will allow me to save tick data to my HD?

    I've been playing with OpenTick over the weekend and their Java API let's me pull tick data from their servers and insert into mySQL database. Works great, but their data has major problems.

    I am looking at other options now to get a) good data and b) some mechanism to save the data to hard drive (or sql, etc).

    I think IQFeed + Developer API will do it for me, but there must be another option? I don't mind paying for IQFeed, but the DEveloper API requires faxing a form and everything, blah.

  2. Jossan


    How much data are you talking about?
    50 stocks with 1000 days data or complete data of a market?

  3. I'm talking about 50-100 symbols, and not pulling years of historic data but just logging/capturing the real-time stream.

    I've just signed upto IQFeed but not sure on the best next step.

    Appreciate any help.
  4. Run MetaStock software with eSignal data source. You can save and archive ALL data to the hard drive. I've done so for many years. Current/live data appends historical files.