Savage Nation on TV?

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  1. (Hell, MSNBC would hire a KKK Wizard to host a show if it would lift their ratings out of the basement.)

    Savage sought for MSNBC slot
    Fri Feb 7, 2:00 AM ET Add Entertainment - Hollywood Reporter to My Yahoo!

    By Scott Collins

    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- MSNBC, which just announced a primetime talk show with former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, is in talks with firebrand right-wing radio host Michael Savage, sources say.

    The No. 3 cable news network is considering Savage for a weekend public affairs show, though it has not decided on a time or precise format, one insider said.

    Savage is the author of "The Savage Nation," in which he attacks big government, feminism, illegal immigration and perceived liberal media bias. The book is ranked No. 1 on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list and Thursday was ranked No. 5 on

    His radio program, syndicated by the Talk Radio Network and also called "The Savage Nation," airs on more than 300 stations nationwide.

    According to his publicist, Savage mentioned on his radio program last week that he would soon be hosting a show on a national TV network, though he did not specify which one. MSNBC declined comment.

    Meanwhile, after months of speculation, the network confirmed Thursday that Ventura will host a primetime issues-oriented show, most likely at 10 p.m., the slot now occupied by "MSNBC Investigates." The announcement was made by Ventura during Wednesday's taping of NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (news - Y! TV)."

    MSNBC offered no further details about Ventura's program, including its location and start date. Ventura told Jay Leno it would begin in "about a month or so." But MSNBC president Erik Sorensen said Thursday that the possible war with Iraq has complicated the timing of Ventura's debut.

    "It would be awkward to start this in the middle of all-out breaking news," Sorensen said.

    MSNBC also is continuing talks with veteran ABC newsman Sam Donaldson (HR 1/29).
  2. I've listened to his show and I consider myself to be fairly conservative, downright "right wing" on certain issues. BUT.....I can't listen to this guy. He gives me high blood pressure. He is definitely a racist ( even though i agree with his stance on affirmative action ). If he gets on tv it will be bad for republicans and " the right" in general because of his obvious racism.
  3. I hope he does get on TV, and that Americans can see the face of hate.

    He is facism incarnate.