Saudi's won the war.

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  1. Bin Laden and 15 Saudi Nationals on 9/11 attacked the US using our own planes at an estimated total cost of only about $250K. Their purpose was to destroy our financial system and control over the world and as a symbol brought down our Word Trade Center.

    We have not declared any formal war except against the ambiguous term terrorist who can be anyone our govt deems. They have not engaged us here in any subsequent physical warfare... they have no need to... instead, They just sat back and watched us self implode... burning through hundreds of billions of dollars hunting a few hundred suspects down.

    We are now bankrupt and have no choice but to wage war with anyone that deviates from using our dollar. Our Constitution has been breached and for all practical purposes is purely symbolic and moot. We are no longer the land of the free and home of the brave.

    We have a bunch of paranoid and worthless politicians who are nothing more than sales people for corporate interest. We can not freely travel inside of the US and can be targeted and killed when abroad. Socialism for our corps yet we preach free market and democracy... Bunch of hypocrites we are.

    We are too proud to admit that we have 3rd world poverty, crumbling infrastructure, insolvent cities and our cash has been diluted and stolen.

    So far the crisis have been financial with homeless population growing faster than our unemployment numbers reflect. The next crisis will be food and starvation... desperate people will do crazy things to survive. Violence and felony crimes are on the rise everywhere.

    This game does not appear to end well here... All of the big corps already have significant cash and assets offshore.

    What are you going to do?
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    Is it better to go fancy?

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    Is that his stop smoking aid apparatus?
  5. Meanwhile in the middle east......

    ......Cairo (CNN) -- Islamist parties made dramatic advances in Egypt's parliamentary elections during the first round of voting for lawmakers this week, ...
  6. I note that the mainstream media downplayed this. Of course, it is a huge disaster for obama's naive foreign policy and puts Israel at great risk. Since Israel is effectively the 51st stae, it puts us at great risk. Supposedly conservative policies produced two pointless middle eastern wars for us. Now we look to be setting up for more, courtesy of foolish liberal policies.

    But Ron Paul is a crank who is outside the mainstream for suggesting we should start minding our own business.
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    Whenever we promote "democracy" in Middle Eastern countries the Islamists win the elections. Gaddafi had made major concessions to the West, eliminating his nuclear program, and his reward was to be taken out by U.S. backed Islamists in a civil war.

    As the neocons have sown, so have they reaped. (And yes, Obama's foreign policy is largely indistinguishable from that of the neocons.)