Saudis said to boost oil output before election in effort to help Bush

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    Aw c'mon, only 16 out of the 19 terrorists who flew the planes on 9/11 were Saudi nationals. I mean... I mean... there were 3 who weren't Saudis. :)
  2. Is that Dick Cheney dressed up like an Arab??


    Are they going to want to get married soon? :D
  3. The Saudis are our allies... we should support em...
  4. i predict major chaos in saudi arabia should they try to tamper with US elections...

    Huge bomb blast rocks Riyadh

    (CNN) -- A suicide bomber set off a large blast Wednesday, causing severe damage to the General Security building in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

    Eyewitnesses said bomber was blown apart by the blast.

    Television pictures from the scene showed the entire front of the five-story building had been shattered. Burned-out and damaged cars littered the area nearby.

    The blast went off at a time when the building would have been filled with workers.

    Ambulances rushed to the scene but there was no official word from the Saudi government on how many people had been killed or injured.

    A senior Interior Ministry official said authorities were tipped off to six explosive devices. He said authorities were able to find and defuse five.

    However, he said the sixth exploded.

    The blast went off on Al-Washim street in the Naseriah neighborhood. The area is also near the Saudi Information Ministry and the headquarters for the security forces who guard the Saudi royal family.

    Truck bombs defused
    On Tuesday, Saudi security forces defused two truck bombs outside Riyadh, a security source said, bringing the number of car bombs seized in the kingdom to five within a week.

    The vehicles were discovered late Monday at Shuaib Juraidal in Rumhiyah village, 56 miles (90 kilometers) east of Riyadh.

    After the two vehicles were found, security forces and helicopters searched the area for armed men, who fled the area in a Jeep, residents told Arab News.

    On Sunday, an Interior Ministry official announced the arrest of eight suspects linked to recent deadly clashes with security forces and car bombs. (Full story)

    The Saudi Press Agency quoted the official giving details of three seized vehicles packed with thousands of pounds of explosives, including one vehicle authorities had been searching for since February.

    Saudi police set up several checkpoints in Riyadh.
  5. This is a good example of why Kerry can't gain any traction and why liberals have so little credibility outside their own circles. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Kerry was criticizing Bush for failing to persuade Saudi Arabia to increase production. Now it turns out Bush had done exactly that, but suddenly it's a big scandal. Gosh, could Kerry be trying to have it both ways? Naah, not him, he's never done that before has he?

    The Saudi Ambassador called in to Larry King and stated that US presidents going back to Jimmy Carter had routinely asked them to try to hold prices down when the economy needed help. Several of those requests just happened to coincide with elections. Carter in '79, Clinton in '00 for example.
  6. (my bad)

    Saudi envoy: Oil policy standard, not a deal
    Calls U.S. politics: 'Your seasonal tribal warfare'

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States stood firm that his country made no secret deals with the White House to try to drive down gas prices to help re-elect President Bush and sought to reassure Democratic contender Sen. John Kerry.

    (I still don't like it, tho...)