Saudis paid Pakistan to hide Bin Laden

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Aug 10, 2011.

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    The best way to hurt them is to become energy independent. Just the opposite of what our current government is doing.
  4. Like a lot of things in the intelligence community, it's hard to tell how much of this is true. It seems very likely that the crux oif it is true however.

    First, it always seemed to me that he was under some form of house arrest. His living conditions were not conducive to running al qaeda. He apparently had little in the way of communications gear. This could have been the result of pakistan capturing him and not knowing what to do with him, him having some sort of medical emergency that required going to them for assistance or a saudi plot.

    It's no secret that plenty of rich saudis finance al qaeda. How high it went in the government is problematic. Since he was trying ultimately to overthrow the royal family, it seems hard to understand why they would shelter him, but arab politics are impenetrable.

    A payoff to pakistani military brass to clear the way for the snatch and grab seems reasonable. Either that or they are beyond incompetent, which is also plausible.

    One thing that always perplexed me was why they killed him on the spot, rather than interrogating him. Obama's squeemishness about enhanced interrogation, the threat of reprisals or no tknowing what to do with him all seem to lack much substance, balanced against the chance to grill the world's number one terrorist. Maybe the pakistanis insisted on it as a condition of their help. They didn't want bin ladin spilling the beans about their deal with the saudis.
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    Really? I thought Obama promised his sheeple more independence.
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    Windmills and a few solar panels. The libtards are going to pass a regulation calling for the end of night so we have power 24-hours a "day". :D
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    this may seem tenuous but there are a lot of former seals in San Diego.

    Obama was almost completely against the mission from the beginning. He kept putting up road blocks. Hence the reason they had time to build a simulation.

    Eventually the military brass told him they had to do it... or else.
    When he consented the brass had two choices... kill OBL on the spot....
    or my choice...
    pretend they killed him on the spot.

    They knew Obama could not handle the heat of keeping OBL in custody.
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    There is enough hot air blowing from D.C. that a wind farm in Virginia just might supply all of our power needs. :)
  9. jem come on. i gave you more credit than that. on second thought i guess you were/still a birther.
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    Interesting, but not really surprising.
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