Saudi religious leader blasts Hizbullah

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  1. top Saudi Sunni cleric, whose ideas inspired Osama bin Laden, issued a religious edict Saturday disavowing the Shi'ite guerrilla group Hizbullah, evidence that a rift remained among Muslims over the fighting in Lebanon.

    Hizbullah, which translates as "the party of God," is actually "the party of the devil," said Sheik Safar al-Hawali, whose radical views made the al-Qaida leader one of his followers in the past.

    "Don't pray for Hizbullah," he said in the fatwa posted on his Web site.

    The edict, which reflects the historical stand of strict Wahhabi doctrine viewing Shi'ite Muslims as heretics, follows a similar fatwa from another popular Saudi cleric Sheik Abdullah bin Jibreen two weeks into the conflict with Israel.

    "It is not acceptable to support this rejectionist party (Hizbullah), and one should not fall under its command, or pray for its victory," bin Jibreen said at the time. That fatwa set off a maelstrom across the Arab world, with other leaders and people at the grass roots level imploring Muslims to put aside differences to support the fight against Israel.

    There have been daily demonstrations in support of Hizbullah around the region, including in predominantly Sunni and generally pro-western countries like Jordan.

    Even the Saudi government, which initially condemned Hizbullah for sparking the fighting by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers in "uncalculated adventures," backed down and said it warned the United States the region would be headed toward war unless Washington halted the Israeli attacks.

    Last week, al-Qaida deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri issued a videotape that urged all Muslims everywhere to rise up in holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza.

    Mohammed Habib, deputy leader of Egypt's largest Islamic Sunni group, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, immediately rejected al-Hawali's new religious edict, saying Hizbullah is defending "the whole Islamic nation."

    Al-Hawali is receiving medical treatment in Jeddah and could not be reached for comment.

    In remarks published Saturday, Kuwait's prime minister, Sheik Nasser al-Mohammed al-Sabah, also warned that if the conflict does not end soon, it could give rise to new radicals.

    "I believe that if this Israeli war on Lebanon goes on, it could contribute to creating new terrorists, and that of course would pose a new danger in the area," he told Egyptian magazine el-Mussawar.
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    Hopefully sputdr, you realize that al-Hawali's comments were not an endorsement of Israel but merely a condemnation of Hizbullah based upon Islamic fratricide.

    al-Hawali's statement would be akin to a leader of the Blood's saying, "don't support the Crips in their struggle against the evil Los Angeles pigs for only OUR street gang is ordained by God."
  3. I realize it, the first thing that I thought of was how no matter what there will never be peace in the arab world beause they aren't at peace with each other.

    That's why dictatorships are the only stable governements there.

  4. This is exactly what Iran is looking for and the whole reason they had Hezbohahah attack Israel. They have the Saudi's all shook up. First condemn, then endorse, now condemn again. The Saudis are losing the PR war in the region because their golden boy is prosecuting muslim on muslim violence in Iraq and the Shiite boys are fighting the "good war". This is all about Iraq and the third largest oil reserves in the world.
  5. I was born a Sunni.

    Having me saying that, I have never, ever seen, in my life, a religious school of thinking as cowardice as this one.

    Fuck the Sunni faith for all what they brought us is humiliation, deceit, radicalism, wahabisem, salafisem and subservient mentality.

    Long live the Shia faith and long live Iran!

    I Just hope that the Iranians take it one step further and bomb the fuck out of Al Ka'abah and Mecca with all of the fucking Bedouin camel jockeys in it.

    Down with the Sunni Islam that worked in every opportunity to bring backwardness and foreign presence in our homes.

    I for one, as many Arabs who are waking up to the danger posed on our fabric by the Bedouin wahabis, say Down with religion of crowdedness.
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    Are you still a pagan?
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    Very cool of you Wael to share with us your important views. So few American's understand. Thanks!
  8. LOL, do you actually remember that you're a fucking arab and you're in Canada, do you realize that you WAEL are foreign presence in OUR homes, you stupid sunni-canadian. Go back to Qatar or Palestine or Iran. If you don't like foreign presence in YOUR homes you don't belong in someone else's home either.
  9. This post is a great example of how f*cked up muslims are.

    The cry about Isreal and the US killing muslims all over the globe but it's the muslims who slaughter more muslims than anyone else but for some reason there are no protests, no riots nor flag burning.

    Hundreds of muslims die everyday in Iraq at the hands of other muslims and they are dying in lebanon due to the act of their brothers.

    Still, you hear not a word from the muslim world.

    Isreal kills a handful and all of a sudden it's a tragic loss of life.
    What a joke.

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    Keep in mind our ears only hear what the media in the west mouths......
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