Saudi "long term" investor buys 3.11% stake in HSBC

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  1. Is he so sure the world will still be around by then? :D

    "One analyst, who requested anonymity,said of SAAD Group: "They are extremely long-term investors," with typically a <b>30-year time horizon or longer</b>. The analyst added that other investments by SAAD, notably in private equity and infrastructure investments, display a similar interest in finding long-term value."{199766CF-1EEC-4D84-8B86-C9588AA90416}
  2. That is a very long term investment.
  3. (1) Did you post the same thing at (2) Foreign investors tend to buy foreign assets at long-term peaks. Hopefully, this marks a longer-term peak in the banking sector. These guys may have to remain "committed" to their position before they can get out with a decent profit.
  4. A daytrader would rather go to hell than to hold a position for 30+ years. :D
  5. They were buying real estate in NYC right after 9/11. They are walking a tight, when it comes time to tip the US will have forward bases and launching airstrikes from their soil.