Saudi King Calls US Occupation of Iraq Illegal

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    Bin Ladens been spotted!
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  2. The Iraq war will go in the history books as one of the most foolish wars ever started.
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  3. gkishot


    You mean started by Al-Quada. Yes, that was really stupid.
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  4. Al Qaeda doesn't exist

    Operation Cyclone did exist
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  5. gkishot


    Cyclone? I don't remember that one. Is that the one when Soviets invaded Afghanistan?
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  6. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Al-Qaida. Saddam Hussein was a secular nationalist so he didn't like extremists.
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  7. When I want to know what the King thinks, I'll ask Arnold Palmer or Richard Petty.

    As for this fat Saudi, he lives at our sufferance and he knows it. someone should remind him. Bin Laden would cut his throat in a second if we weren't protecting his sorry ass.

    I continue to wonder why democracy is so essential for Iraq but Kuwait and Saudi Arabia don't require it.
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  8. does this mean we aren't BFF's with saudi arabia anymore?
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  9. gkishot


    Very few tyrans admit openly that they like extremists but at the same time they wouldn't mind to use them for political leverage against enemies. Besides I saw him praying.
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  10. So, the movie 'Syriana' was really a documentary, right?
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