Saudi King Calls US Occupation of Iraq Illegal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by blast19, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. "Stupid is as stupid does."

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    Well, thats politics,and i remember the Saudi King told General nickname'' Storming'' Norman ''come on in''
    And thus he helped US air force/armed forces in operation desert storm, against ''beloved Iraq'':cool:
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  3. Totally agree. This could be recorded as one of the more stupid war into history books.
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  4. you are such a retard. whitetrash.

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  5. blast19


    Wow, someone have a little personal tiff with me I should know about? Did I ruffled your feathers bunny? :D
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  6. Easy there Killer.

    –noun 1. a crack, cleft, or fissure: a chink in a wall.
    2. a narrow opening: a chink between two buildings.
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  7. Guys, regardless of how we feel about the Iraq War, can't we agree to not discuss politics in the "doom & gloom" or "bubblecious" stock, trading, economics, etc. threads?

    Our politics will divide us, but out unfettered greed and avarice binds us.
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  8. lets stick to the thread starter and the topic in the new york times.

    the point the king makes within the piece is this

    'He added: “The blame should fall on us, the leaders of the Arab nation, with our ongoing differences, our refusal to walk the path of unity. All that has made the nation lose its confidence in us.”

    i think he is right about this. all middle eastern/persian countries need to stop argueing and indulging in their own self interests and sort things out collectively.

    therefore less of a need for the western world to intervene rightly or wrongly.
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    But don't we need free markets, democracy and tolerance to pursue our dreams of becoming wealthier? Wouldn't be wealth otherwise privilige of a few?
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  10. The execution may be stupid, but actually attacking/occupying Iraq (and very soon Iran) is far from stupid.

    What I find most interesting is the multi-layers of fleecing when I read posts like yours.
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