Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah passed away (Unofficial Report)

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  1. Islam Times: Saudi Arabia's 86-year-old King Abdullah was discharged from a New York City hospital in good health after going through two back operations in December 2010. The king delegated the management of the affairs of the world’s largest oil supplier to his half-brother, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, during his absence.

    King Abdullah talked with Obama about the situation in Egypt over the phone yesterday. Obama and the King got into a heated debate about their opinions of what Hosni Mubarak should do. After the phone call sources stated that King Abdullah was furious and then suffered a sudden heart attack.

    Doctors ran to his resuce but were unable to save him. He was pronounced dead, but his death was not reported due to the sensative conditions that exist in the region. The Saudi Arabian government will reject this claim; but the ball is in their court to prove that he is alive.
  2. I did a quick search for additional news about this, but couldn't get anything.

    King Abdullah is a good leader and I hope he is well.
  3. Saudi king abdullah should make an appearance in front of the world. This should calm everybody.
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  5. If the king is in excellent health why doesn't he make an appearance in front of the world. As simple as that. As I always say "there cannot be smoke without a fire".
  6. Bearice there is something wrong with you pal
  7. I agree. Sometimes I am terribly wrong. I am not God. I just need to know the truth.
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    Revolution!!! The dominoes are falling.....power to the people!!!

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  9. I know somebody who is somewhat close to the Saudi royal family but I am not able to contact him. It is better that somebody tells me the truth or I will drag out the truth from the depths of hell. This silence is killing me. Bad thoughts are coming to my mind and I will destroy them.
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