Saudi Arabia king offers $150BN for facebook

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  1. ammo


    150 b to cheap housing or even free would quell the riots immediatety
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  4. risky63


    when a flock of pigs fly by while I'm in the hot tub w/ angelia jolie i'll believe it.
    maybe bush had something to do with it......
    and kevin bacon:confused:
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  5. Saudi Arabia king offers $150BN for facebook

    No, the report got this wrong. The corrected story is:

    Facebook offers $150BN for Saudi Arabia

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  6. We need to send our troops into Arabia and take out their terrorist dictators.

    God bless Israel and America.
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  7. $20 to anyone who can tell the different between any saudi woman on Facebook
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  8. cstfx


    $150B? Well, if unrest continues, crude easily passes 147 mark and he will have no problem buying it.

    Actually, it's kinda disturbing, if true or even anywhere near the ballpark, that he would have that much cash to buy it from selling oil to the rest of us. At 100/bl, they are pulling in about $1B a day from exports.
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  9. Bob111


    can i short it?
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  10. It's funny knowing that every day I wake up my chances of seeing something crazier than the day before are pretty good.
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