Saudi Arabia Bans Protest Rallies

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cstfx, Mar 5, 2011.

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  2. It will be interesting to see how many still protest during their "day of rage" on march 11th.
  3. We have major oil deals with the Saudis. Yes, the Saudis are fanatical religious idiots, but they answer to us. We should therefore give the Saudi assholes additional weapons to kill off any pro-democracy protestors.

    We must not allow our oil supplies to be threatened by Saudis who want democracy.

    God bless Israel and USA.
  4. What do you say Rearden! Like AliHousain was a fake Arab, I think this dude is a fake zionist. :D
  5. What does this make? 4-5 aliases for you now??

  6. Sameeh sounds like someone who has a problem with the fact that Israel, the regional and heroic superpower, can take out any of its terrorist neighbors with the press of a button.

    Israel should rightly finish off the Iranian terror state at a time of its choosing.

    In the meanwhile, the USA should deal with Pakistan, a failed state with weapons of mass destruction.

    Gaddafi is an Al-Quaeda supporter, so the more quickly we hunt him down and take control of our vital oil supplies, the better. We must support the pro-democracy supporters in Libya.

    Saudi Arabia is our key oil supplier, so we should help them to hunt down and destroy terrorists who are out on the streets rioting against the King.

    People who support the enemy ARE the enemy.