Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by joenike, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. joenike


    Is there anything to trade on saturday?
  2. toc


    Ya! Trade away work to get some sleep!
  3. I believe the NYSE had a half-day Saturday session until ~1931 until it was dropped during the Depression. I sent a letter to the exchange six years ago AND sent an eMail last year asking them to reinstate that session. I'm still waiting for a reply. Sometimes I get too itchy for things to re-open Sunday night.
  4. Yes. You can trade insults all weekend long right here in the ET chat forums.:)
  5. Hi there:

    No need to come to Chat for insults, we are "full service" here at ET. I will come to you "hosebag"....:D

  6. Paccc


    I dont think there's anything to trade on saturdays, but the foriegn exchange markets open sunday night if you really want to get a head start on your trading week :) Its too bad I cant trade on weekends, it would make my saturdays and sundays so much more interesting. We should all send the NYSE a petition requesting 24/7 market hours! :D