Saturday September 23rd Traders Club Webcast

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  1. The Cornerstone Investors Network will be having a Traders Club Webcast with Sam Seiden (who trades both his own money and for institutional clients) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Eastern Time on Saturday September 23rd.

    This is a free webcast, as are all of our club webcasts. You'll be able to see the charts/slides and hear the presenter in real time.

    Each club meeting we have a different presenter sharing different technical analysis techniques and trading strategies. We bring in presenters who who present info on various markets from stocks, options, futures and forex.

    To receive the log in instructions and password for this webcast, please click on the URL below or if unable to click on URL, just cut and paste URL into your browser.

    I'll post the bullet points of what this presenter be speaking on, next.
  2. Seiden does not use any subjective information, analysis, or indicators. He also does not spend any time interpreting the news or using conventional fundamental or technical analysis. It is an objective, simple, rule based approach to consistent low-risk profitability in any financial market. Every signal to take action is based on the irrefutable laws of supply and demand.

    During this presentation you will learn how to:

    1. Identify exactly how and why price moves in any market Objectively quantify supply and demand

    2. Know exactly where and when to buy and sell hours, days, weeks in advance

    3. Apply one strategy with simple and objective rules to profit in any market and any perceived market condition

    4. Understand why often, good news on a stock and a brokerage upgrade is a time to sell, not buy

    5. Understand why often, bad news on a stock and a brokerage downgrade is a low risk / high reward buying opportunity

    6. Realize low risk / high reward profits in rising and declining markets

    7. Take advantage of the two mistakes that all novice traders and investors commit
  3. Sam Seiden's thoughts on trading:

    "Here is a thought that will save you years of trial and error and plenty of your hard earned capital: Indicators and oscillators are nothing more than a derivative of price and can only move AFTER price does meaning they lag price. When speculating in markets, any buy or sell invitation that lags price means your risk is increasing and your reward is decreasing.

    Buy or sell action at an objective supply and demand imbalance = low risk / high reward opportunity
    Buy or sell action from a conventional indicator or technical pattern, or a news or earnings event = high risk / low reward"
  4. Curious as to what everyone's opinion is here on the ET board concerning Sam Seiden's thoughts concerning technical indicators being high risk/low reward?
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    I'm confused as to how he trades without any news digestion and yet many of the points include the interpretation of news?

    everyone knows most indicators are lagging. but whether using them is high risk and low reward depends on where the exits are.

    if all trading is based off supply and demand, how is this interpreted? volume or other breadth data?
  6. To leverage you buisness model you could consider recording these talks and then converting them to a flash based recording on the web so traders could watch them on their own time schedule...



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  7. Prevail, I'll send Sam your questions and post his reply in here.
  8. Edgehunter, we just started recording the meetings with last month's presentation. We sent out the links to view presentation to everyone on our list.

    For those who can not attend the webcast on Saturday, you can send me an email, asking to be added to the club list, and I'll add you so that you would get all of our notices we send out to the club list. My email is
  9. I've replied to everyone who has registered so far with the log in instructions and password. If you have registered but have not got the instuctions, let me know at
  10. Since some emails get lost in internetland, is there anyone who has registered who has not got the log in instructions and password?
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