Sattelite DSL for trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Casso, Apr 7, 2003.

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    I am thinking of getting sattelite for trading as ADSL is not available.

    Does anyone have experience using sattelite?

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    If you are actively trading intraday the latency will drive you crazy. You also need to have some alternative plans if any weather comes your way. The satelite tends to lose its signal whenever in rain, snow and high winds.
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    Casso I think you can trade through a satellite ok and latency wont be a problem unless you are scalping.But satellite sevice leaves a lot to be desired as far as reliability goes.also,performance is all over the place and you can get weird gliches cause by a number of things.
    There is a broadband satellite forum somewhere.Use google to find it.It will give you an idea of what to expect.
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    There is something new.
    Local broadcast DSL.
    There is company trying it out in the Keys for boaters.
    No latency and just as fast.

  5. Dont do it

    now for the technical answer:
    don't do it....

    latency will kill your expected outcomes

    try trading with a 5min delayed quote feed, or a 15min delayed quote feed, or the free 20min delayed quote feeds from many charting websites, and then risk your hard earned, and tell me if you're consistently profitable....
  6. I have Direcway 2-way sat service because I have no other choice for broadband. And like others have said, I don't think you can use it for trading except maybe very few limit order trades.

    Slow ping times, it cuts out a lot and works very funky with IB TWS - sometimes it is fine and sometimes totally unusable. Maybe there is something wrong with my setup, but it seems like lots of others have had similar problems.

    I still use my old dialup for auto-trading IB with a custom order manager running on a 800MHZ Sony laptop. Works all day, every day. When I tried it on the Direcway it would always crap out after an hour or two.
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    Don't do it ....I had Starband (before they were bought out or went B/K I've heard both) was a joke ....upstream was little better than dial-up and the latency issue was mind numbingly frustrating.

  8. depending on the size of your funds, you might consider going leveraged trading (proprietary) with all the newer software features that these firms offer.

    for example..
    Echotrade uses/used Sterling Technologies Sterling Trader Pro. It performs wonderfully over dialup.

    Webroot optimizes your machine configuration for hyper transmission over your broadband.

    Other software platforms (eSignal, Etrade, AmiBroker, Ameritrade, etc...) are optimized so as to use a narrow bandwidth for data, hence fully capable over dial-up modem.

    this is a worth alternative, however, fully question their tech's before committing to thier platforms and posting your monies with them...

  9. Do you have contact info on this?
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