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    There's a cricket fan in the family and he found this service on

    Does anyone have any idea about the reliability/authenticity of this service. It says that there is a one time $49.95 fee for the software and then you are good to go. Things that sound too good to be true usually are...

    Anyhow, there's a big match this Saturday that he wants to watch and so he wants to know if he should sign up. Any info is appreciated.

    Another site that says it provides the same thing free.

    So this is P2P file sharing? And you need to allow info to be uploaded from your PC as well as the downloads that are coming in?

    So what's the business model here?
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    It's highly recommended over here:

    I've been skeptical about streaming TV but the new ABC viewer puts up a beautiful picture fullsize on my 19" monitor, maybe it's out of the early adopter stage and into the mainstream usability stage...
  5. excellent, I'll check that link after close, thanks
  6. Can the software be loaded on several PCs?
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    I have no clue about that but I might try out the service pretty soon. The ABC viewer I was referring to is the one from ABC television network, not the site under discussion.

    If it is such that shows can be recorded for later playback then it's gotta be great. I had Tivo for a year but I shut the whole tv service down, I was spending too much time watching Tvo'd stuff and not getting on with life you know........ After Tivo nobody is going to go back to having to "be on time" for a tv show.