Satellites for $250 per week: great investment!

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  1. This is one of the coolest investments I have ever seen. Low cost access to satellites.

    I am investing--- anyone interested in joining us?


  2. Surf,

    No offense intended, but what you are trying to sell, and what this website is trying to sell is beyond comprehension- at least to me.

    What does low cost access to satellites even mean?

    I went to the web, and the opening pitch left me every bit as clueless as your post left me. It doesn't seem to explain anything, and sounds like who ever wrote it doesn't use English as their first language.

    "Affordable access to space through a user programmable imaging and data platform. For $250/week. Our satellites (first 2 launches booked for summer and fall 2013) cost $350,000 to build, launch and operate and generate $750,000 revenue. They are based off the most widely adopted satellites standard (CubeSats), do not need a dedicated launch and are 10cm x 10cm x 30cm in size. We developed a profitable de-risking and scaling strategy to target the 25bn+ enterprise space data market."

    So far, my money is on Bradson's tree house.

    Again, please don't take my view as personal, but I just don't know what you(they) are talking about.

    BUT, if you are interested in having a professional work on your delivery of script, I'd be glad to help you out with that. Just PM me. BTW, my rates are very reasonable. :)

    Have a good one!

  3. No offense taken and I really appreciate your opinion. I believe that providing low cost access to satellites for a variety of companies is the cutting edge. They have a solid team and A list VCs---- Yeah, it's risky but I truly think its the future. surf

    PS. What do you mean delivery of script? You mean Nanosat's pitchbook??How can we work together?
  4. sle


    Aside from the coolness factor, this is mostly noise with little signal. Did you ask yourself:
    -- Is this a disruptive or constructive business (does it steal business or does it create new one)?
    -- What is the actual product they provide - the satellite hardware, the control center services, the launch intermediation?
    -- Who is the intended target customer for this business and would that customer switch to this service model vs. what they got right now (e.g. partial rentals from larger satellite companies)?
    -- Why would this company be competitive against vertically integrated companies that provide both satellites and the launch capability?
  5. Here's a video with a little more detail. Yes it's disruptive technology. I'm placing my bets with Peter. The guy is sick smart!
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    He looks eerily familiar, I could swear he used to work for Deutsche Bank or something along these lines.

    Anyway, I could not figure out from the presentation what exactly is the target customer base (which is a key question - they are launching costly hardware and hoping to rent it out, but to who?). The student idea is nice, but why would someone pay for a satellite when simple phone and cell lines take care of this today at a faction of a cost. In all other cases, I don't see how they distinguish themselves from other nano-sat manufacturers and steal their customer base.

    If you treating this as a far OTM option, go for it, but personally I think there are many obstacles on their way to success.
  7. Bingo! Ex quant port manager at Deutsche. Initial customers will be science students....

    Yes, I realize the high risk but the potential rewards are astronomical ( ha, ha)

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    Right. High potential payout with low probability, also known as far OTM option. If you treat it as such (i.e. your investment is of the size that you are willing to kiss good bye), all good. This said, I think there are plenty awesome start-ups out there with much better chances for success.
  9. Rohatyn --> DB --> Vegasoul...

    Now fronting a Kickstarter project?

    He's on a downslope.
  10. This works, he's a billionaire and an icon. He already tapped out the potential in the other positions.
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