Satellite vs. cable yes a trader thread

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by taclander, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I just recorded the time between my Dish feed of CNBC and my Schwab feed of CNBC via my cable internet connection, and I get a 9 second delay. I know this a topic that has been brought up before, but I just wanted throw out my observations, and hopefully help people get the delay. I have been able to get reports via my cable, and have always been amazed at the delay, but 9 seconds is alot for an actual daytrader.
    I hate Time Warner wich is my cable option and as mentioned for interent they are my best option and have been able to get news that way for a long time now. At the same time I think traders who don't get this need to sit down and figure it out for themselves.
    Since I now have a Schwab account, and they offer a live CNBC feed, I have dropped my other news feeds. Yea, I know CNBC isn't great, but it is enough for me and with a minimal delay that is no worse than the news feeds I paid for, it works great.
    It actually could offset the cost between Dish and Time Warner for TV locally. Now if I could offset the cost of my backup DSL life would be even better!
  2. Ok, before you get away from topic, yes I see my spelling while typing fast is horrible. I was in a trade at the time and was of minimal concern. Get over it.
  3. BSAM


    Are you saying that a satellite feed is faster than a cable feed?