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Discussion in 'Trading' started by virgin, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Anybody knows of any good company's offering
    2-way satellite internet access in Europe ?

    If you don't know a company, a good place
    to look for such one....
  2. freenet tried it...
    however, i am unsure if they brought a real product
    to the market, check
  3. Two-way satellite has inherent latency problems. This is because of the distance from the earth to the satellite and the angular trajectory to the sat.

    A packet goes from you to the sat, then from the sat back to earth. The response packet does the same.

    Typical latency is 750 to 1500 milliseconds. You are much better off using a dialup connection for your uplink and one way sat for your downlink; cutting the latency in half.

    I don't see how satellite will become a viable medium until the latency issue is resolved. And the only way to resolve it is through a network of low orbiting sats -similar to the Iridum network which has been abandoned. This type of network is too costly and would not be able to compete with land based medium.

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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

  6. As Bright's head of remote trading, are you allowing your traders to use satellite for connection to the internet?

  7. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC


    But I let them know the pitfalls. If you're trading style is such that a second delay will affect your trading, I don't recommend it. But for longer duration trading styles, it's fine.
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    I used StarBand, (it's very close to bankruptcy right now too FYI), and the latency issue was friggen HUGE......I would rather use a 56k dial-up before I would ever think of using a satellite system, it was ridiculous how slow it was. SOmeone mentioned that using a dial-up for the up-stream was a way of cutting the latency a little, well be forewarned I saw very little improvement when I tried that solution. unfortunately for many of us DSL build out is not happening anywhere close to what was promised, I live 30 minutes from the heart of the SIlicon Valley and I CANNOT get DSL where I live for noone knows HOW long........

    anyway just think twice before using a satellite system, also if you are thinking of tying into any VPN system FORGET it the latency issue won't allow configuration with a VPN system

    Good luck and good trading...

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    I totally 100% agree with mrktwiz. I am cancelling my starband next month. The main reason that I purchased the pos in the first place was for a reliable constant high speed connection. Instead, I got something that was unreliable, not constant (tho better than dial up) and while it is high speed for downloads, for trading it sucks.

    I am back to using dial up now and run paltalk, IB and Qcharts on a 56k modem, much better for trading than sattelite.