Satellite date feed for Global Strategy Trader Platform?

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  1. I am running Global Strategy Trader platform to day trade E- Minis. There is no high speed internet service on my street except Comcast which is up to capacity for the number of users on my street. Comcast wants $7,000.00 to add a new distribution amp the sevice my home. I am currently placing oders over the phone.

    Does anyone have any experience with using either Hughes Net or the brand new Wild Blue (ATT) satellite for data feed? These medium speed internet feeds are about 12x faster than dial-up but way slower than the 1.5 to 6 mbs speeds of cable or DSL. My question is is this adequate for trading platforms? I know that there will probably be a several seconds of delay for order transmittal and fill confirmation which I can live with, but are these feeds fast enough to maintain operational stability with the platform. Anybody have any experience with salellite? Thank you!
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    Why not get dsl service from the phone company?
  3. DSL is not currenty available from ATT on my street as I live in a rural area. Satellite is my only current option. I wonder if cellular service through a PC modem would be possible or cost-effective.
  4. JTB- I used to trade along with guy that traded from a satellite connection. Most of the time it worked fine for him. I don't know which he had, he is/was in rural Michigan. Keep in mind you will always have a 1 second delay, satellite signal bounce, so don't even think about scalping.
  5. I’ve worked with Huges in the past for high volume transaction processing; The delay’s won’t be an issue for most applications, unless they implemented their own udp protocol, instead of sticking with standard ip sockets (which is most common)… If the vendor implemented their own using udp, then timing may become an issue; Check with the software vendor to be sure.

    A risk you face is maintaining link quality, especially in regions that have frequent poor weather. I live in south Florida, and with an 80CM dish, every time a thunderstorm blows by (which is Daily), the signal would degrade to the point of being unusable. So Satellite for internet access (Residential) is a generally a bad idea unless you can afford (and local codes allow) a very large dish, with a lot of power behind it….
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    May I ask you why, in the name of God, you are using Strategy Runner to daytrade eminis?

    This is the worst trading platform ever seen

    It's simply horrible

    Do you trade with automated strategy?

    This is the only reason that may justify this choice
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    You're right
  8. Lorenzo:

    I use market orders and use the trading platform to enter the trades by clicking the buy and sell buttons. I buy dips and go for 1 to 4-point moves about 10 times per day. I don't need sophisticated trade analysis or order exectution as I have been day trading for over 20 years and make my trading decisions from over 30,000 hours of price pattern memory and experience. All I need is reasonabley fast execution to meet my needs.
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    ....10 times per day?..... 1/4 point profit?.... This is scalp JTB
    Well have the worst broker with the worst platform to do this job. Certainly you could increase your profits, simply changing platform (....and broker). I think you are smart enough to understand that traders need the best trading tools to trade safe and well.
    Strategy Runner is old, very old
    Old technology, slow feed, uncorrect volume, no time and sales, no static dome, no historical charts......What I've missed?

    Try CQG or TransAct

    Good luck
  10. Lorenzo

    I go for 1 to 4-point profits, or more, not 1/4 point profits. Thanks for the recommendations of other vendors though. Today I earned 34.5 points on 12 trades ($1725 per 1-lot - a very big day thanks to the potential key reversal in the bonds. One trade was for 6 full points in the late session trade. I don't need pin-point execution for these trades. If I were a scalper I would totally agree with you.
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