Satelite or Multilink

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  1. both can interrupt the siganl. But it has to be a fairly heavy rain or snow storm...flurries won't do it. It really doesn't happen all that often but I have to prepare for it anyway. In my case, I have a dialup connection that's always on when I'm trading so my down time is vertually nil.

    Given my setup, I use the dish and a single 56k dialup line for trading. Should either one go out, I use the remaining live connection to get out of positions, etc. The quote service data is delivered by the satellite and I use the phone line for order entry. Of course, to use multilink I have to have two phone lines and that provides for another level of backup.

    The multilink is supposed to be for ISDN but I found an ISP that uses the same net and didn't mind selling me the multilink "service" for a reasonable fee. I tried to work with multilinking for trading but I'm not comfortable using it because of dropped lines. Rural area = crappy phone lines.

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