Satelite or Multilink

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  1. I have two satelite options:
    1. Use direct pc "direct tv" @ $29.95/mo for download and an ISP for upload @ $14.95/mo.
    2. Use starband "dish network" @ $69.95/mo for both.
    Will my upload @ 21.4 bauds work ok for placing orders?
    Thanks! JJ
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  2. Hi JJ,
    The Direct PC deal sounds pretty good! Yes, I think your 21.4k line will probably work for order I wrote earlier, that is pretty much what I do and while not perfect, it isn't bad. I use IB and the orders are acknowledged before my finger is off the "transmit" hot key. It is really fast.

    Having two ISP's helps you get the redundancy that was suggested earlier in this thread. You'll need it...sooner or later the satellite feed will go down due to weather or heavy sunspot conditions.

    Good luck and good trading!

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  3. If I go ahead with the satelite and ISP system what additional hardware and software will I need.
    Thanks JJ
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  4. I'm not a Direct PC customer so I can only tell you about the service I use, Starband. There's the dish and satellite interface (something like a modem, but not exactly) and the software.

    IMO, before you jump in and buy all this stuff, take another look at multilink. You'll have to pay telco for another line (installation and monthly fee) and buy a second modem. But that's it. You'll get around 44 kbs which might be all that you need considering you're going to be swing trading. Food for thought..

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  5. pueblo


    I also live in a rural CA. area and have been through this same problem: old non-copper lines, long distance from central station (therefore max dial-up speed of 26,400, with no improvement in sight), no dsl, cable, or isdn. Because of the slow line speed I was thrown offline (quotes interrupted) several times a day, which really gets my attention when I have a trade on (I trade 1 min. S&P bars). My solution was to dump my internet data provider (doesn't matter which one) and replace it with DTN via satellite, and transmit my orders via the the dial-up modem at 26,400 (my isp is Earthlink). Also, I use Tradestation 2000i, so I don't rely on data provider's charting, whatever. I have been doing this for about 6 months now. Works great! I have never had an interruption in quotes, and the line speed is plenty fast for the order transmission. I don't know why this would not work for stocks as well.
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  6. pueblo

    How much for the DTN satellite?
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  7. Rigel


    Yeah, GOT to have two isp's if your active.
    The shorter your timeframe, the more critical it is. 1-2 sec satelite is always acceptable. 5 min to 5 hour outage never is.
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  8. pueblo



    DTN: 1-800-511-0096
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  9. pueblo

    Thanks for the phone number...

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    I noticed you mentioned the possibility of data dropout with bad weather. Does heavy rain cause this or is it snow?

    Also, does your ISP have to specifically support multilink or is it handled by them as if it were ISDN.


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