Satanic Stars On Republican Party Elephant Symbol

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  1. Satanic Stars On Republican Party Elephant Symbol

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    Did you know that the Republicans changed the stars in their official elephant logo to three stars downward in the year 2000, the very year in which Skull & Bones George Bush was "elected" President? This Republican logo is the traditional elephant logo as this book front page cover demonstrates. The book is entitled, "The Pictorial History of the Republican Party", by Beryl Frank, published in 1980. As you can see, the stars on this elephant logo are the same as the traditional stars on an American Flag. On the GOP's official website the stars are facing downward. Click here to see.

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    In witchcraft the pentangle is used with the "head" of the star pointed down, illustrating man worshiping Satan. When pointed down it also becomes the face of the goat. Satanists use a pentagram with two points up, often inscribed in a double circle to emphasize the exclusion of God, and sometimes with the head of a goat inside the pentagram. Why would a nation based on Christian principles install as its leader someone who was a member of a secretive satanic cult called Skull and Bones? After 8 years of leading our country deeper into the squalid sewer of torture and political corruption, it seems a little late to be asking such questions. But for the record, my understanding is that the stars were inverted and turned upside down when Bush was appointed president. They weren’t like that before.

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  2. Then I suppose the GOP will turn the stars back to pointing up and color them black since Obama is now President? You have to be the stupidest idiot on ET. In fact, you are.

  3. I think the author was speaking about the Republican party, and their symbol designed in accordance to their members, not Democrats.
  4. GOP= Evil
  5. Medal of Honor is also an upside down star. Guess those soldiers are evil too.

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    Max E.

    So who else thought for a second when they saw the author of the thread that we might have to deal with that pedo troll optional 777 coming back as well?
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    walter4 = moron
  8. Now this one actually has me laughing out loud. Maybe, just maybe, the stars are, well, stars? Maybe they line up better visually to some when pointing up, down sideways or whatever. This has nothing to do with GOP=Satan, or GOP= Evil, or anything else. If the GOP is evil, it has nothing to do with the stars on the stupid elephant j/k.