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  1. So, D.E. Shaw and First NY both require applicants to submit SAT scores with their application. How is a test that someone took 4 years ago pertinent to trading? What are they looking for, exactly? Is there a cutoff?

    Should I...take the test again??
  2. LOL that's retarded. I would totally get a bump via their criteria if that's what they used... but I can't possibly see how this test can be significant for trading.

    In fact, I'm sure its not since I decent score on the SAT (1450) and I'm a shitty trader.
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    DE Shaw is a pretty solid company. There may be plenty of people who are capable of trading without having come from top 10 schools, but they aren't really interested. They are looking primarily for highly intelligent individuals, and the SAT score is one indicator. I don't know anyone who can say they are truly smart but simply couldn't beat the SAT.

    With that said, DE Shaw tends to be highly selective even at schools like Caltech, MIT, and Stanford requiring a 3.7 GPA to even get an interview.
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    SAT score (z-score) shows how you compare relative to other people who took the same test. It gives an employer a common component amongst candidates.
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    I can't say anything regarding D.E. Shaw but I interviewed with FNYS and I got the impression that that SAT scores weren't particularly relevant. If you get the interview thats the end of the consideration regarding your SAT score. They really just want to determine if your an intelligent guy who is quick on the uptake. Otherwise, its really just a measure of relativity.