Sat. Nov. 5th & 12th Traders Club Meeting & Webcast

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  1. Hook up with other traders over the internet in chat room or in person if you are able to attend meeting in Tampa. For those who do not live in the Tampa Bay area, you can see and hear the meetings we are having in Tampa on the internet. If you live in driving distance of Tampa, be sure to attend the meeting in person at the church to keep our attendance at levels that speakers will come to speak at our club. The speakers for the November 5th SuperTraders Meeting from 9 AM to 12 Noon EST will be Ken Wood of Woodies CCI Club and Dr. Preston Bailey. The speaker for the Nov. 12th Cornerstone Investors Network traders club meeting from 9 AM to 12 Noon EST will be Jeremiel Zimmerman of Ammo Trading.


    The speaker for the Nov. 5th club meeting: Ken Wood of Woodies CCI Club will be the speaker at the Saturday November 5th SuperTraders meeting that goes from 9 AM to 12 Noon EST. Woodie along with his other chat room moderators runs a free audio/visual trading room with over 1000 traders who come into the room each trading day. Woodie's motto is "we don't need any stinkin' price charts to trade". In fact Woodie does not look at any price charts at all, he just uses charts with just the CCI on it. Woodie trades using specific CCI patterns he came up with for entries and has specific rules for exits using CCI as well.

    Woodie will do a presentation on the following CCI Pattern Set Ups:

    * CCI Zero-Line Reject
    * CCI Reverse Divergence
    * CCI Trend Line Break
    * CCI Hook From Extremes
    * CCI Famir Trade
    * CCI Vegas Trade
    * CCI Ghost Trade
    * Rules For Exiting Trades Using Woodies CCI

    The speaker for the Nov. 12th club meeting: Jeremiel Zimmerman will be the presenter for the Cornerstone Investors Network traders club meeting from 9 AM to 12 Noon EST. Jeremiel Zimmerman, the author of the Ammo Trading system, has studied the market for 20+ years and developed the system in the early 1990s. Since then, many improvements have been made. Jeremiel has been a regular presenter at the Cornerstone Investors Network in the Chicago area for over two years. He has been a featured guest on Jerry Johnson’s Commodity Futures Magazine on Canadian television. He is currently training a group of almost 20 proprietary traders in Chicago.

    Jeremiel Zimmerman will do a presentation on the following Price Level Set Ups For Trading Eminis:

    * How to use specific price based indicators to enter trades that are far more reliable than your standard technical indicators.
    * How to select accurate price objectives in advance.
    * How to use daily price patterns to optimize entry and exit points.
    * How trading with price levels will provide you with more accurate information than other forms of trading.
    * How to determine from the open, what the pattern for the day will be.
    * How to determine the quality of the price action so you can trade choppy and trending markets.
    * Learn how accurate your trades need to be, to be successful in the market.
    * Learn how to determine the appropriate amount of risk to take on each trade to improve returns.
    * Learn how the most successful traders view the market and strategize their trading.
    * Learn about Jeremiel's market harmonics.

    Michael Norris
  2. During the webcast you will be able to hear the speaker and see the speaker's slides and charts in real time.

    Before the meeting, go through the set up process at:

    On the day of the meetings, to attend webcasts online go to: companyID=21&isPresenter=0&loginType=1&room=91

    Use the following password to get into the both webcasts: cornerstone

    1. On the day of the webcasts click on the URL above.
    2. A small box will appear asking for your full name and password. Enter the password: cornerstone and then, click on "Login".
    3. Have your computer speakers turned on, so you can hear the presentation. Be aware that the session is not activated (charts, etc., are not visible) until the moderator logs in.

    Remember that the webcast password is: cornerstone