Sat Night....No Life...geez!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Don Bright, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. "Another Saturday Night'.....

    Saw my brother off for Egypt and Dubai for a couple of weeks, doing some cool trading stuff, expansion wise. Poor me, left here to work, work, work (yeah, right!).

    I saw "School Rock" was pretty good, I enjoyed it. Sort of a "Bad News Bears" meets AC/DC, with a little bit of "Welcome Back Kotter"...(anyone old enough to remember that....??).

    Over 40 people in our Community College class starting on Monday night here in's always nice to have a good turnout so I can try to convince people to take charge of their own finances, help out, give a bit back to the community, yada yada....and keep them away from those retail brokers (who make everyone "broker"). We paint (teach) with a much broader brush, history of the markets, fundamentals, a few technicals, and answer a bunch of questions from the students.

    Anyway, I think I'm caught up here... on to some more questions on the email.

  2. Yeah, I remember. That's when John Travolta was younger than me. Now he's older than me.

    Never could figure out how that happened:confused:

  3. "Another saturday night and I aint got no honey i got some money cause i just got paid if i could meet them i could get 'em but as yet i havent me 'em thats why i'm in state i'm in.." :D
  4. jack black ROCKS. i have been a fan of his "real" group "tenacious D" for some time. happy you enjoyed the movie !


  5. marketsurfer: new age trader (andrew weil of trader sect) :cool:

    put a flower in your hair surf :p
  6. \

    thank you. i think ! :) :) :eek: