Sat. July 30th Traders Club Webcast

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  1. You can attend the following meeting "in person" in Tampa or if you don't live in the area you tune into the meeting over the internet in a 200 seat webcast room: 1st Come 1st Serve! You will be able to see the speaker's slides and charts and hear him in real time. The July 30th Webcast Password: double (see webcast instuctions below):

    Free QuoteTracker Workshop & Webcast:

    QuoteTracker is a free charting software program with free real time data from a couple of hundred different brokers. Depending on which broker you go with, you can get data on stocks, futures, and forex. Most people in the club use the program at this point to trade stocks, which will be what this workshop will focus on. If you don't have the program, you can download it at

    On July 30, 2005 at the Manhattan Baptist Church 4300 South Manhattan avenue at 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. Webcast will be available for members who live futher than 65 miles away. This a 1st time national event with Jerry Medved founder & chief designer of the QuoteTracker charting program and research platform.

    A charting Program that will allow you to set over 31 upper technical indicators Over 52 lower indicators fore each chart with individual settings available

    Streaming Real-Time quotes
    Integrated Trading
    Intraday & Historical Chart Trend Lines
    Advanced Alert System with Email alerts
    NEWS Monitoring
    Multiple portfolios support
    Customizable portfolio views
    Scrolling live Ticker Tape
    Historical charts from Prophet.nettm
    Portfolio Printing
    Proxy/SOCKS Support
    Ability to connect to many data feeds

    QuoteTracker is a Windows program that integrates with various
    datafeeds, brokers and financial sites to provide you with streaming real-time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to effectively trade in today's market.

    It also ties into major brokers to give you full Integrated trading from within the software. You can trade through your own broker using QuoteTracker direct access interface. Order Entry and transaction monitoring is drastically faster. Cannot beat the price -it's FREE!

    Go to the [ ] web site and sign up in the comment section when you click on Contact Us ( this is a national event and the web positions will be allocated on a 1st come 1st serve bases ) Just put in the comment section that you are signing up to attend the July 30th QuoteTracker Webcast. Any questions call Jim Schusler 727-578-0526

    Webcast Platfom Instructions:

    Before the meeting you'll need to go through the set up process at:

    On the day of the webcast:

    Use the following password to get into the webcast for Saturday July 30th: double

    1. Click on:
    2. A small box will appear asking for your full name and password. Enter
    the password from above and then, click on "Login".
    3. Have your computer speakers turned on so you can hear the

    Be aware that the session is not activated (charts, etc., are not
    visible) until the moderator logs in.

    Remember that the July 30th webcast password is the word: double

    If you have any problems, please email
  2. Just so you guys know, we do these free club webcasts several times a month with different people presenting different trading strategies and technical analysis techniques and money management aspects for trading stocks, futures, and forex. We have club meetings in Tampa, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Southern California, etc as well as do webcasts so that people can attend meetings from anywhere in the world. If you want more info on attending our club meetings in person or tuning in to the meetings over the internet send me an email: . We send out notices each month of all of the meetings and webcasts.
  3. The club webcast is less than 2 hours away. If you can't make this one, we do a few of these club webcasts each month that allows you to hook up with other traders either online or in person if you live in one of the cities we have club chapters, plus there are different speakers at each meeting, teaching on various trading strategies and technical analysis techniques.