SAS SCSI controller, mobo or PCI-X card

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  1. Picking parts to build the next PC. This new build will be approx as follows. Workstation parts, 2 chips, leaning towards 2 Opertons because of lower running temps, Chembro full tower nice big case for max room and airflow. Minimum 2 gig memory, SAS scsi hard drives, minimum of 2 setup for raid-0. This workstation is also being planed to run a full boat Vista when Bill decides there is enough junk mixed into the OS.

    The motherboard is harder to configure for this machine (i never did a dual chipper before). I have looked at Asus and Tyan, some Tyans are full of goodies that seem way over my needs. (This workstation is to be mainly used for charts, etc, probably up to 8 lcd screens. Some Tyans have integrated video chip some not, some have scsi controller some not, all have sata for sure.

    IS a controller separate card better than a scsi chip on a mobo? I am leaning toward buying an "Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 48000, 8 serial ports ,64 bit/133mhz, low profile with raid 0 and 1 for high density pedestal and rack mount servers. (whatever that means).

    Their is one card from TYAN that has everything but a good (----) included on the mobo. The card has a scsi chip, and says integrated video chip. ??? Thunder something, they seem to have a wide array of many different ones. RATS!!!

    The mobo most also have enough card slots to support pci-x for a adaptec card if a go that way and also slots for the other 2 or 3 cards for dual monitors, pci i assume.

    The SCSI (SAS) hard drives looks like will be Seagates, 15k screamers. possibly 2 /36 gh to start out, that should be plenty once put into an array.

    Looking at an Asus video card with 128 minimum memory and 3D (just in case i want to play a game, ha, also Vista looks like it will be useful if it has at least an entry 3D capable card also.

    I believe in "COOL" so the case will be equipped with 120mm fans, i might even pop a hole in the side or roof of the box to install another fan or 2. maybe even one on the side.

    Seasonic 600 watt power supply, looks like.

    memory is not decided yet, probable Corsair good stuff.

    from other pc's i have external cd drives and floppys, so do not need those.

    Any ideas, help would be appreciated, cost so far looks to be about 3k. not cheap but not expensive compared to a box loaded like that from HP workstations. I am not a fan of DELL.

    Thanks in advance....
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    Correction: video card memory 256 not 128.. :cool:
  2. Found the right motherboard. Tyan K8WE model S2895A2NRF, that is the one minus the SCSI controller and plenty of good pci-x slots 2, plus all else i need. case narrowed down to Codegen S201, nice and BIG, really BIG. HA

    Price keeps sneaking up....:eek:
  3. I don't know your acquisition timeframe, but if it's now this might help. You need a custom whitebox server. Let's see, how about this:

    There's room for additional stuff should you wish to add them. But the price seems to be where you want to be. Go for it? :)

    I don't know why Dell is an issue for you as they do make great server machines. I run several of them on my home setup and I have yet to have an issue. If you are open minded you might look at this one, otherwise I understand:

    This puppy should easily cover your needs if you use Vista, Server 2003 or Server 2000. The "Buy It Now Price" should give you nice $$$ flexibility. The drives should also let you have the space you want but you can always opt for some 15K subs.

    Here's one without the drives so you can immediately go for the 15k drive models:

    The processors are a little hotter and you will pick up a little more speed with them. PM me and I'd be happy to help you walk through any setup issues also. But I'd bet the Dells will meet your needs nicely. They also give you hot swap abilities on the drives and power supplies. Rack mount the setups and go! :)
  4. canyonman00

    I will certainly look into these suggestions. I have plenty of time to review all this stuff and actually do it as a learning tool. If i have questions later i will not be afraid to ask. Thanks again for your knowledge and help. :)
  5. ram disk

    hmmm, Oracle is not the best of things, try TeraData from NCR...(free learning / database available too)