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  2. Algeria is a sideshow, Iran-China-Russia have a military pact and Iran-Syria have a military pact. Syria is going to be the flashpoint for WW3. My real question is whether the CME would stay open? I do not want to move back to the Mojave Desert and compete with coyotes for food, coyotes are really smart animals and they are better in the dark than I'll ever be... my dogs are terrified of coyotes, that's how smart my dogs are..
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    We are the Mother country after all
  5. Reminder to self: never, ever, get in a fight with special forces...

    I know a guy, he was special forces, saw lots of action.. retired and teaches school in a shit... err.. inner city neighborhood. So he tells me that a kid pulled a knife on him. I say "what did you do?".. he gets this lost look in his eyes and says "I don't know" real matter of fact like.. I say "uhhh... you don't know?" He says "I thought I was in Vietnam, I guess I started killing him. They tell me a bunch of people pulled me off him"

    I knew another one, he did two hitches in Vietnam. I learned that the guys that did one hitch may or may not be crazy but the ones that did two hitches, well, they might be a little more unpredictable. This guy was a warrior through and through, Aikido, bow and arrows, wilderness survival vacations, etc, that is what the guy's life was about.. so some police department pulls an early morning raid on a drug dealer but they get the address wrong and try to enter his house. The guy disabled all the people and took the leader prisoner, called the police on the police car radio and told them he was holding their guy until they apologized.