Sarkozy says UK demands were ‘unacceptable’ for treaty change

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  1. In the end, diplomats said, it was the UK that became the biggest stumbling block to a deal between all 27 countries, with Britain’s prime minister David Cameron holding out for hours in the hope of getting concessions for the UK’s financial services industry.

    “Very simply, in order to accept the reform of the treaty at 27, David Cameron asked for what we thought was unacceptable: a protocol to exonerate the UK from financial services regulation,” said Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president.

    Ha, ha, ha. That´s what the UK understands under "protecting its "own" interests...Mr. Cameron played bad poker and will be gifted with a financial transaction tax! Ouch, how many additional job cuts will this cost the City?

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    Uh if he agreed he would be agreeing to a financial transaction tax in London...
  3. The new rules dictate a deficit below 3%.

    Ofcourse this is unaceptable for the UK.
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    If Cameron had agreed to it, the UK would be getting hit with the FTT!!! You are rather clueless aren't you?
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    He wont shake his hand now:D
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    Tsing Tao

  7. Well Done Cameron. (despite he wasn't really convinced to go this way until some of his party members showed him the whip)