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  1. Well, okay, I guess.

    Could be excessive but he is in training and if it gives him an edge and he wants to experiment with it, what the hey. It doesn't involve any needles, so that is a good thing.

    If you are working a corporate job and you are opening a can of sardines over there in your cubicle every hour you might not make a lot of friends though.

    Some of it is just a cultural thing though. Cans of sardines are dinky and five is not really that much. I grew up in Maine and know fishermen who would knock off a couple mackerel and two lobsters every day of their life just because that's what they had. And they used to use redfish for the bait for the lobsters and they would eat that too. Now redfish is considered to be a delicacy and they sell it to the Brie and Chablis crowd in San Francisco for more than the lobster. My point being that lots of people around the world eat lots of sardines everyday- but they are not necessarily canned or smoked or brined.

    I used to eat smoked alewives when I was a kid too. Not for the faint of heart. Makes a sardine seem elegant. Google is your friend if you don't know what an alewive is- and will stop your mind from going down the wrong road trying to figure out what it is.
  2. Sardines are a much better choice than tuna. I love tuna, but the sardines are healthier. I'm a sardine and salmon guy about 3-4 times a week. Does require extra brushing and mouthwash though.
  3. Interesting. I didn't know that. What makes sardines a healthier choice than salmon?
  4. I don't know that they are better than salmon. Other than the taste, I'd say sardines and salmon are about equally beneficial, assuming you're eating wild salmon. Farm raised aren't as healthy. I wrote sardines are better than tuna, basically because they have far less toxic mercury, greater amounts of omega 3 and calcium, and just about the same protein count. Tuna does taste better, and I do eat it, but I limit the quantity.
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  5. Sorry, my mistake. I meant tuna, not salmon. Thanks for your explanation.
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    Love my Eastern European breakfast of a can of sardines or smoked oysters over the kitchen sink.
    This is what my father used to do when my mom didn’t make him breakfast (or dinner).