Sarah Silverman on Paris Hilton

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bigbiscuit, Jun 4, 2007.

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    the best bit is Jack Nicholson's expression...
  2. thats awesome. paris looked like she wanted to cry.
  3. ElCubano


    i dont get why all the cheers for her going to jail on a probation though she killed someone...why do you suppose people cheer for her demise?? we dont know her; she has never crossed our paths ( except for that one night at the Palms ) and yet people are cheering her going to jail...why??

    the power of thats some powerfull shit..
  4. because people are f*ing Assholes...Ask anyone on that crowd if 1) Oj is Guilty 2) Michael Jackson or woody Allen are child molesters and they would have booed any joke or reference....I agree....I drove with a suspended license for 10 years and i never got this sort of treatment even though i was pulled over at least 5 times! This whole thing is absurd

  5. people just love to knock the high and mighty off their pedestals... and they're hardly cheering for her demise man...
    have you ever seen "The Simple Life"? if i was in that room I'd be cheering like a bastard as well! she deserves it just for inflicting that shit on the world.
  6. She's got a stylist coming over. Her perp walked will be staged. She'll write a "diary", if she can write.

    One reporter says she'll make millions off of this.

    I wonder if she'll have to wear underwear in the slammer?
  7. trendo


    Is it the cheering you object to or is it the jail time or both?
  8. ElCubano


    i dont object to anything.....i just find it weird that even the reporters reporting this news are laughing and smirking that she is going to jail ..and then i see a clip of the MTV thing and see the whole audience clapping that she is going to jail as though she killed someone..and im wondering if its the media???
  9. I object to she a rich air head blond who makes a public spectacle of herself? absolutely....should she be in jail for technical violations while cop killing thugs who have been arrested 25 times are allowed to roam free??? FYI...Last week three thugs opened fire on Orlando police stopping them from stealing a car...One of the shooters had been arrested 25 times, the other 12, and the last 4..the oldest was 25!
  10. trendo


    What would be the appropriate punishment for her? Nothing? Perhaps a good spanking?
    #10     Jun 4, 2007