Sarah Silverman blames the Jews

Discussion in 'Politics' started by W4rl0ck, Sep 28, 2008.

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  2. the video made me puke

    disgusting, just disgusting

    is this really supposed to get me to vote for obama or hate him

    wow just goes to show what stupid and drug abused brains people who vote for obama have
  3. i feel sorry for black people, very sad

    you know it's one thing being stupid and another just fucking that brain even more by smoking pot all night long
  4. jem


    that was all about silverman trying to promote her weak comedy act. She stole her delivery from other comedians and she gets herself noticed by making provocative religious statements. She is a piece of low talent shit.
  5. Sarah Silverman can blame anyone she wants, it's a free country.

    But if Barack Hussein Obama loses in November most normal people will blame Barack Hussein Obama, not the Jews. Most people will blame the democratic party for not having strong candidates to begin with, most people will blame stupid liberal idiots like Sarah Silverman for nominating the weakest and most unelectable of the available democratic candidates.
  6. not funny.

    worse crime imaginable.
  7. Ummm... as you guys gather around the Round Table of Geniuses, and complain about Sarah Silverman you should probably realize two things:

    1) She's Jewish so I doubt that she's anti-Jewish

    2) She's a shock comic.

    Also she's hot. But that's more of an opinion.
  8. jem


    The funny thing is that John McCain seems to be a very Pro Isreal guy.. I suspect he buys into the evangelical belief regarding Isreal still being the recipient of the promises God made to Abraham.

    I suspect Obama does not have a similar belief.


    First he gave a very Catholic answer when asked about his belief in Jesus. (at saddleback) He said he had a hope of Salvation. That answer was stunning to me. He was either reciting from memory his Catholic teaching from Grade school - so he never bought into typical protestant theology about once save always saved - Or, he has a very serious belief and rejected basic evangelical beliefs in favor of the Catholic belief on salvation.

    Either way this guy is not going to be in lock step with Pat Robertson.

    My prediction within six months he will be supporting Palestinian calls for self determination and perhaps even dividing up Jerusalem.

    If Isreal is going to bomb Iranian reactors they better do it soon.

    Pro Isreal jews are going to rue the day they empowered the democratic party and the courts to dismantle the culture that was once quite happy to protect Isreal.

    Isreal just screwed themselves. Mark my words.
  9. It's true.

    I told my grandparents (who live in Naples) that they had better vote for Obama or there will be 'untold consequences.'

    All is well, though. They responded by asking me if I had lost my mind in thinking they'd vote for McBush.
  10. Self-aggrandizing stupid shit disgusting humor...
    Worthless and with a newsworthiness of a fly taking a shit. Junk news. Pukeable...
    Commoditizing pure shit and selling it as "insightful" or "funny".

    Jon Stewart is funny, Sarah Silverman is pathetic like Borat/Ali G/Cohen and Howard Stern.
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